Lavender Hearts

Every time I open one of my wardrobes I was getting the distinct smell of lavender. Investigating today I found the source, a 400grm bag of dried lavender which I must have put in there myself and forgotten about!
We have 6 lavender plants growing on the plot and having wrestled some of it from the bees which spent the entire summer buzzing around collecting pollen, I dried it and packed it into a zip lock bag.
These crafty hearts are appearing in most of the garden centres/craft shops etc, so I got the idea to make some packed with lavender.I had this rose patterned fabric, maybe not the most suitable for lavender but shabby chic and vintage roses are 'in'!The lavender is inside a muslin heart shape inside the rose fabric.They can be hung on the bedroom doors or inside a wardrobe.

They also look OK hanging on drawer handles etc.
I have to visit a craft shop over the weekend to buy some more fabric etc.,it is forecast more rain so there will be no gardening for a few days and I can try out some more lavender inspired craft ideas.
These lavender hearts are in the post as I write!


PeggyR said…
I love lavender and love your hearts. We can get snow well into April...we average 50" per season.
Anonymous said…
I love your Lavender Hearts and the fact that they're made with lavendar grown on your allotment! Very special!
You clever woman Peggy!! My sewing skills are abysmal to say the least...not for lack of trying though...I spend more time unpicking than anything else :) Your bed looks super cosy too!
Willow said…
Lavender is one of my favorite plants. Just love the hearts and what you did with them.
Good Morning from my neck of the woods, so to speak. Must be afternoon in the Emerald Isle. Love your new header.

Growing lavendar... what will you think of next!!! And, to find it tucked away giving wonderful aroma to your home. That was a surprise I bet.
Linda said…
Gorgeous! And this is such pretty fabric. Makes me wish I could sew. The lavender I can manage, but the bags...How difficult are they to make? (I know you'll say 'easy'!)
xlpharmacy said…
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