Carewswood Garden Centre and Cafe

 Last Sunday was not beach or lie out kind of weather then I remembered that Carewswood Garden Centre  ( Tripadvisor) were having an Open/Family day. This is an old Garden centre which as far as I know had been closed for a while then I heard a rumour that a young couple  had taken it over! In the teeth of the worst recession in years, in a business which is closing garden centres all over the country, were they mad?
I set off early to find out which is why the centre looks quiet but by the time I left you could not get a parking space in the ample car park!
There is a lovely cafe where food cooked/ baked on site is served, veg is grown specifically to use in the restaurant  and to make the range of ready made sauces,jams and cakes to take away which on the day were disappearing quickly by people who had obviously bought there before!
David Leahy is the young man in charge of the garden centre and planting and his girl friend Juulika is in charge of the cafe and food side of the operation.
Carewswood as anyone from Cork will know is between Castlemartyr and Garryvoe in east Cork and well worth a visit as it is very family orientated also.

 20% off the good range of plants for the day
 Children's play area where you can buy the safety bark etc for playgrounds
 Some of the mouth watering range of home made goodies
 Handmade soaps which could be mistaken for edibles!
 Geranium workshop on the day
 Wall of herbs
 This young lady was selling home made lemonade
 easy access around the displays, very important for buggies and wheelchair customers
 Kiddies cookery class ready to begin, Chocolate cookies were on the menu
 Co owner Daniel on till duty

 Carewswood mission statement
 paint your own plant pot, plant it up and take it home

 The poly tunnel full to overflowing with veg for the cafe

Daniel & Juul believe in recycling and using natural materials as much as possible, this beautiful gate & fence blocks an unsightly corner

 Cabbages covered from the white butterfly

 More veg being grown for their own use, veg plants were on sale earlier in the season but had been completely sold out

I enjoyed my stroll around and will be back again as any young couple starting off in business need  support and they have obviously put their heart and soul into the centre and it will be nice to see it develop over time. They don' t have a website  but as with all young people nowadays you can find them on Facebook & Twitter!


Kathleen said…
Paid a visit here a while ago now very impressed then too,couldn't get a seat in the cafe the same day but scored a plant I had been looking for in Cork!
OneStonedCrow said…
Wow, so cool - I wish we had some of this kind of thing here ... the Couple ...

... the Brave Couple who took on this venture deserve every success
Betty said…
What a wonderful place to go and take the grandkids of kids. I wished we had something like that here. We do have some farmers markets, but they are small.
Peggy said…
definitely a good day when you get that elusive plant!
Peggy said…
They certainly deserve success especially taking it on now of all times!
Peggy said…
it is a garden centre but with a bit of imagination and hard work they have taken it a step further.
Kelli said…
They look to have done a great job with the garden centre. One of my favourite family run garden centres closed in the past year, so sad to see. Your photos are fab to see!
Marie said…
What an incredible place! This young couple certainly have the right idea to please the most people and have a successful business! I'm so impressed!

I haven't been by the see you lately and I am so sorry about that. I get behind sometimes! :-)
Hye said…
This is cool!
Dizzy Castle said…
this blog is absolutely great!!!!!


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