When Rain Stops Play Outdoors

Between the showers was the title of yesterday's post, not so today its just one unending downpour! I decided I would use the stash of Courgettes while still fresh.
I checked the sidebar of the blog, there under labels, courgettes, there are 34 posts?! 
I first made Angela's Courgette cake back in 2009, delicious, moist and moreish, but not feeling 'cake like' I decided I would try muffins using the same recipe and they turned out gorgeous!
Angela, by the way was our next door neighbour on the Hydro Farm allotments
The recipe for Angela's Courgette cake can be found here
The muffins will not be iced as the cake so they can then be heated for breakfast.
Angela's Courgette Soup was next on the list,it does use 900grms of courgette after all! I have made it to the blending stage without adding the cheese as I am going to freeze it in portions.When defrosted then I can add the cheese, Blue, Stilton or Brie plus the cream for serving.
 I also discovered Courgette & Apple bread in there which I had forgotten about and Margaret's Stuffed Marrow recipe to use if any of them 'get away'!
Mark's Courgette appetizers, they can be dried and packed in jars with Balsamic Vinegar & Olive Oil. have a browse if you are wondering what to 'do' with all those courgettes which this hot ,humid and wet weather is cultivating!


Betty said…
They look good I am going to post and copy the recipe. We are having alot of rain too. I spent my day cleaning.
Peggy said…
Hi Betty, rain seems to be falling all around the world completely out of season?! Enjoy the muffins, the cake is also very nice as you have the icing (frosting)
Kelli said…
The courgette muffins are a good idea. I had a look at the cake and it looks good too. Will have to try these (if I manage to grow enough courgettes, they are quite slow, but starting to take off in growth now).
Peggy said…
The muffins are lovely ,the cake is very rich with the cream cheese icing!Ours are just going and going now but like yours were slow to start!
Marie said…

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