Sunday Sowings

 We have learned over the years its a mistake to sow everything together as you end up with a glut of different veg and if it is a hot summer as this one has been (so far) then you don't want to be cooking every day to use up the veg.
I had some of these seeds which are Sutton's Speedy veg they are ready to harvest in 10 weeks from sowing which would take us to the end of Sept and into Oct therefore  utilising  the ground as much as possible and for those of us paying for allotments that is the bottom line.
The first early spuds, a lovely variety called Premier has just vacated its space so I have followed up with planting out my leeks and also sowed these veg varieties in any spare space.
Baby beets,turnips and carrots.They are picked and used small so are tender and tasty as we can vouch for the carrots which we have been using in another bed already!

 Thinnings of an earlier sowing of the Speedy baby veg and sugar snap peas with the Premier earlies which are a lovely tasty, floury white spud, all went to make a delicious meal this week.

What you need to transplant leeks, a dibber which would be ideal but it was sitting in the shed at home so I had to find a suitable substitute and a full watering can. These leeks had been sown at home and already transplanted into a seed tray and should really have been planted out sooner but with our tropical summer I didn't get around to it.

Make a hole with the dibber and drop the leek into it, if the leeks are long enough then about 5ins would be fine as this is the part which is blanched white.

Don't fill the hole with soil, pour water into the hole and it will fill in and settle itself.

Half of the leek bed sown at this point, lots of warming winter soups to come!

The brassica bed rejigged.Sprouts are at right angles around the edge, broccoli which is hearting up nicely  to the right and 2 lone heads of cabbage now covered with netting as we discovered we have a marauding blackbird who got through the netting and munched his way through about 6 heads already.

Line to the left is baby turnips, right is Golden Ball turnips and 3 short rows of baby beetroot in front.This is the 3rd sowing of baby beetroot , I am pulling them small and roasting them, then packing into jars with red wine vinegar.They can be used within days but I'm not too sure if they would last as preserves all winter but they are being used almost immediately!
The darker lines are compost scattered over the seeds not for any particular growing reason as they all grow downwards but it is easier to see where I have sown the seeds!
The netting was put back down and secured before I left.
This morning was dull , very overcast and very humid I sprayed the remaining spuds as you could almost feel the potato blight in the air, talk about ideal blight conditions! We have had blight warnings all week here.


Betty said…
Our gardens are doing horrible this year. The zucchinis did great,but with all the rain and hot weather everything else is just dying on the vines. I love your baby carrots. I must plant some next year.
Peggy said…
Hi Betty, things were very slow here until the weather hotted up recently and everything just took off!The temps are still up but the sunshine is gone!!
Dee Sewell said…
I'm beginning to wish I'd lifted my spuds in the sunshine now! Definitely blight weather here this week and although we've planted blight resistant varieties, don't really want to test them!
Kelli said…
A weakness of mine is sowing seed all at one time. This year I'm finally learning to sow at intervals, however, I have ended up with lots of lettuce all ready to eat now. Your veg is looking very good as usual!
Peggy said…
Dee, we just have 6 short drills of first earlies, if we lift them then they lose their freshness and won't last anyway. We will just have to eat them faster!!
Peggy said…
Kelli, we all do that convinced we will use the produce! The F1 seed which is what we are all using now means everything ripens/matures at the same time, there is a lot to be said for seeking out the heirloom seeds which don't have this trait.You can also save your own seeds, again something you can't do with F1 as you are not guaranteed to get the same plant!
Matron said…
You reminded me I must get my Leek seedlings planted. But it hasn't rained here for weeks I might need an electric drill to make a hole instead of a dibber!

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