Sunday Miscellany

I have spent a couple of hours browsing through my favourite blogs, something I have not had too much time to do recently. It was nice to catch up on everyones news and doings!
My computer slows down considerably in the afternoons and evenings which may be attributable to my internet provider so Sunday mornings when I can, seems to be the best time to be online it is slowing down now even as I type!
I am also having trouble yet again with leaving comments on blogs. I know by not staying logged on to Google seems to correct this but I now have my email on my phone and I am always 'on' so this may be the cause this time around. I have to go through the various options on each blog to leave a comment if Google does not recognise me?!

Anyway, enough moaning!
The photo was taken through my kitchen window earlier today when the birds were nearly pushing each other off the feeder, usually as soon as I go to the window they fly off but thankfully not today.
I had got up early intending to go the the beach to gather seaweed for the allotment but thanks to the wonders of internet technology I thought of checking the tides on our local shores and and it would have been high tide when I planned to go so it would have been a fruitless journey.The best time to gather it is supposed to be when the tide has just gone out leaving clean seaweed on the rocks.Gathering it from the beach could mean bringing home the debris and sand which accumulates in it.

I had intended to go to Garretstown which is a beautiful wide beach on the coast near Kinsale about 35 minutes drive away, there are much nearer places to gather seaweed but our harbour area is polluted and I don't think it would be good to bring that back to our plot.
The seaweed is for the asparagus bed which I had cleared of foliage and weeds during the week, asparagus is a seaside plant originally and seaweed is recommended for a winter mulch.I will have to wait until next weekend now as the evenings are dark at 5pm now, so much for daylight saving!


Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy, happy you were able to come by my blog for a visit! The bird photo is wonderful...reminds me that I need to get posts for my feeders and get them in place for the winter. We have squirrels so a lot of my bird food went for them last year. Years ago when I was organic gardening...seaweed was one of the things one was meant to use in the garden. Unfortunately I lived rather far away from a beach. Thank goodness you looked up the tide schedule before you went seaweed gathering. I always dislike it when we go back to standard time...dark before you know it. Really difficult for folks who work to ever get anything done in their yards and gardens.
Have a lovely day...hope your computer problems ease up!
Lona said…
Those birds are flocking to the feeders here now too. I love watching them. It is nice that not too far away is a beach that you can get some seaweed.It it will be wonderful for your garden. Computers are wonderful sometimes and others... well not so much. LOL! Have a lovely week.
Hey, girl... you just continue to amaze me and educate me!! I never knew that seaweed was good for asparagus. See, there you go... teaching me something I did not know.
Barbarapc said…
Hi Peggy - good to hear from you. While I like my new format, I really am miffed that I can't add in all those blogs I like to visit. So pleased that you were able to visit your daughter in France. What a charming little town. Remember my friend Bev used to load up on seaweed when she lived on both Canadian coasts - the morning paper had the tides. She would have adored the idea that it's now on the internet. Her gardens were always luscious looking.
Marie said…
Love the birds! I have been capturing quite a few myself at our feeders, as I am sure you have noticed. Hope you can get the seaweed you need this won't be celebrating Thanksgiving, of course, as we will be here in the I hope the weather cooperates and you can get out and get it accomplished. All my best--
Matron said…
I wish I had a ready supply of seaweed! but in London we are just so far away. I might even take Leo for a day-trip down to the South Coast. Walkies on the beach and a bag full of seaweed for the garden! They say it improves the taste of potatoes.

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