Self Published (Niece not me)!

Gardening has come to a full stop thanks to the weather, reading is the new spare time occupation. My niece Catherine Ryan Howard who I have mentioned before when she self published her first book Mousetrapped, which was about her work experience in Walt Disney World in Florida.
Catherine has now published her first novel Results Not Typical.It would not be my usual choice of reading material but I got hooked on it fairly quickly and thoroughly enjoyed the plot and sub plots, well done Catherine!
I am surprised the various slimming companies who sell motivation and of course their own 'slimming products' allowed it !!

Backpacked is also self published and is Catherine's account of a very reluctant back packing trip across Central America, not fiction she really did do it!

Catherine researched her self publishing and made her books as good to look at and handle as any books available through the major publishers.The pitfalls and problems overcome plus advice were then self published in to this book. It is available to buy on Amazon as are all of the others, just put catherine ryan howard in the Amazon search box.They are also available on Kindle
Self Published has gotten rave reviews on Amazon and Catherine has been invited to speak at various seminars etc on the subject.
Catherine also has a blog which has a link on my sidebar, see


what a fab achievement, you must be very proud :o)
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy I'm going to check out your niece's books on Amazon! What an interesting life she's had...I think the self publishing industry is so great...people who would never have had a chance to be published now have their books in print...fantastic! Tell her I said CONGRATULATIONS!!
I certainly will check Catherine's books out. I have a Kindle and love it and what a way to read her books. I know you have to be so proud of her. Now, when is your book coming out about gardening in an allotment?????
Marie said…
I am so impressed with your neice! She is doing a great job getting these books out and they look so interesting! How I love to read in the winter as well. I am making an attempt at gardening year-round now that I live in AZ, and we'll see how that goes! :-) Taking care of our grandson almost every day after school takes up a lot of my time, but it's time I love spending in that way! It's so wonderful living close to them now! Thanks so much for coming by my blog and commenting on the roadrunner!

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