Tomato & Chorizo Soup

Something else to use up our tomatoes while fresh was this hearty soup.I found the recipe in my folder and it is from The Countryman's Weekly, a publication bought regularly by SiL Nigel who breeds dogs.The recipe page is written by Sally, Baroness De Wint who also has a book of country style recipes.
1 large onion chopped
8oz Chorizo sausage chopped
1 clove of garlic chopped or more if preferred
2tbsps Olive oil
1 pint veg stock
4ozs pasta (small shell shapes cook quicker)
1/2 pint tomato juice /tin of tomatoes ( I used 1 lb fresh chopped tomatoes)
salt & pepper sticks of celery (optional, I did'nt use)

Soften onion & garlic in oil, add chorizo, celery & salt & pepper
Cook for 5 mins
Add tomatoes & stock
Cook for a further 5 mins
Add pasta and bring to the boil
Simmer for 15 mins
Check seasoning and add grated cheese to serve ( I used some chopped basil)

I added more stock as it was very thick. I made a good sized pot of soup which is actually a meal in a bowl and very filling.


Jo said…
What a lovely recipe, Peggy. I have an abundance of tomatoes, having bought them on a half-price special from the souq/market just before Eid (when Ramadan ended) Thanks I'm going to try this. Thanks for popping onto my blog. It's always good to see you. Greetings from North Africa, Jo
PeggyR said…
What a great recipe. I'm looking for a good Tomato/Basil soup recipe...
Stewart said…
Is cooking on the stove right now!!!
Ann said…
Ummm - looks delicious, a nice, red tomato colour too. I'd leave out the chorizo, I find it a bit tough.
Bangchik said…
Lovely recipe Peggy. I may ask kakdah to try it with the first harvest of current batch of tomato which will ripen soon.
Now I am inviting you to a different treat. Check it out...
Matron said…
Ooh! that has really got my juices going!
susan said…
looks so tasty for a drizzly day like today! Chorizo is one of my favorites- I must get the HubbyChef to make this.
Barbarapc said…
I shouldn't have read this recipe at lunch time - now it's all I want to eat. Your gardens are looking wonderful. We too are tomato heavy at the moment & looking for ways to include them at breakfast/lunch/dinner in a way that we won't get "that lovely rice pudding for dinner again" feeling.
Anonymous said…
Hi Mam, just tried your recipe out and we all loved it here!! Can this be made in huge batch and frozen for the winter?????
any other recipes would be greatly appreciated, cant face making more spaghetti sauce!!
Dee x
Peggy said…
Dee, I have frozen tomato sauces so this should freeze also.

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