Still Harvesting!

I have tried unsuccessfully to load photos a couple of times and even trying to leave comments I have been getting a 'service unavailable' message each time, not sure if it is blogger or my service provider!I remembered to take the camera with me to the plot, these photos are now a few days old and the weather has become wet and much colder.
The strawberry plants were cleaned up a few weeks ago and all old foliage was cut back to allow the new growth some space, I also cut back any runners which were growing. I was surprised to see just how much new growth there was and even blossoms on some of the plants which now have new strawberries on them?!
Look what I found nestling in the foliage,take my word for it ,it was juicy and sweet!

Our big pumpkin rotted on one side and this is the next one which is growing nicely, I turned it over onto a leaf to see will it survive.
More snapdragons!
Our winter leeks, these are Musselburgh. I earthed up the plants slightly to extend the white stalk, I know some growers cover the stalk with plastic piping or cardboard for this purpose.
One of the autumn fruiting raspberry plants, this one has fruit on it every few days.I am not sure what is happening with the earlier raspberries as two of them have sent out suckers or new growth from the base and have begun producing more fruit even though they are all the earlier variety?!
Something strange with the Asparagus plants also, these tiny seed heads/berries began as tiny green pods and now have turned this vibrant red colour. They are only on one plant and I am not sure what they are?
Our tallest sunflower dwarfs our scarecrow which is taller than me and stands at about 5' 6". I must remember to take out the measuring tape to record it before the winds get to it first.

More tomatoes, all of the plants in the plastic greenhouse at home are now finished but the ones out at the plot are still producing. These have now been turned into more spaghetti sauce!


Kathleen said…
Your sunflowers look great! I am still patiently waiting for my one and only plant to flower,its nearly there!
Great pictures, Peggy. I love snapdragons but am never successful at growing them. So.... big envy here. hehe
Catherine said…
Hi Peggy, long time no visit but I've been away and out of wifi range in Donegal. Hotel didn't have it. No harm to get away for a while but then it's hard to catch up! I love your harvesting strawberries at this time of year - good for you. You really put in a lot of hard work. Thanks for your comment on my typos win! It was a great buzz, really got a kick out of it - although someone at book club tonight told me that was an acceptable spelling of enroll! Maybe somewhere - like Dungarvan!
All the best, Catherine. (I see on Facebook you share a country singer fan page with one of my friends - Fhiona is the singer's name, unusual spelling).
Ann said…
You've still got plenty going on at your allotment Peggy, the leeks look in good shape and the snap dragons are so lovely and colourful. Our weather is miserable, dull and rainy, not had much of a September so far.

I couldn't leave comments the other day either, must have been google.
Peggy said…
Kathleen, your plant will flower when all of theothers are blown over by the wind!

Latane,I had lots of plants but was nearly giving up on them actually flowering they were so late, but they all came into bloom together!

Catherine,I always pop in to read yor blog too but may not always have time to comment.Lots of wins going Lismore way lately you must all be so proud of the Tidy Towns win!Fhiona Ennis and Thomas McGuire are a lovely band and they are now Mr & Mrs too!

Ann, our weather has now changed to dull and rainy too, we have had a week of changeable weather and the heat is going from the sun when it does show through!

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