Peggy,Peggy Where have you Been? paraphrase a nursery rhyme!Well I did'nt get to London to see the Queen but I did....lots of gardening, such as watering as I cannot remember the last time we had rain here.Tomatoes are being eaten in every way shape and form and still coming, its mostly harvesting now as sweet corn is ripening fast too.No problem eating my 5 a day fruit & veg!

Attended a fund raiser for ARC House which is a cancer charity, it was organized by D.Michelle and her work mates, BBQ chef on the night was S.Billy, the rest of us just enjoyed the craic!
I was set dancing in Mallow to Johnny Reidy's band.Set dancing is a mainly Irish type of formation dancing, danced in sets of 8 people but not as sedate as formation dancing,lots of kicking up heels ansd swinging!This photo was taken at Laharn cross where there is open air dancing every Sun evening during the summer months, it did not have to move indoors once this year!

I was in Robert's Cove, alone and painted the outdoor furniture, picked blackberries and made jam.With the grandchildren on the beach making the best of the late summer sunshine before returning to school which they did on Wed

I have a website selling Irish Cds and soon DVds, I have uploaded lots of photo slides of the various musicians with a musical backing but wanted to upload video clips as some of the musicians have DVDs available.I have a DVD rewriter and copier but this only allows you to burn a copy of a DVD. I wanted to save clips to my hard drive and edit to upload to Youtube. I trawled the internet, I tried different downloads and eventually succeeded in transferring clips and uploading them to Youtube. I have a Youtube channel which is linked from the website so now buyers will be able to see some of the musicians live with a full length piece of music.This particular one is from open air dancing which is gaining in popularity again as it was the only type of dancing available long ago and every village had a platform for music and dancing.
In answer to Kathleen in the comments, the above video is taken from a commercial DVD but I can also take clips from home video if they are on disc as this one below is from

I have been busy while AWOL and have lots of allotment pics which I will upload in another post,hopefully tomorrow!


Ann said…
Glad you've been getting some decent weather and had a good, if busy, time at Robert's Cove. You've got more energy than I have Peggy! Can't remember the last time I did any dancing! My Roma tomatoes haven't done well at all this year but the cherry tomatoes have been brilliant.

I still can't decide where to sell my excess craft stuff, I'll look into ebay but doing all that mailing would get on my nerves I think.
Jo said…
No rain in Ireland, Peggy ? (lol!) I love your supersized tomato as well as the post above. It's good to see you again. (((hugs))) Jo
kathleen said…
I was amused there when I read you painted the outdoor furniture in Roberts Cove,did that include the boat?????????
The video is lovely everyone out in the sunshine dancing,did you take the video as well or is it someone else"s?
OneStonedCrow said…
Wow, you have been bust hey Peggy, I hope you're having some 'quiet time' in your garden now ...

Just love the happy sunflower face looking out from the top of your page ... :)
Peggy said…
Ann,its been great to get a decent summer for once.I love dancing and would dance 7 nights a week if I could, a great way of keeping fit!
If you are going the Ebay way, just try a few things to test the waters, and split things up into postable packages and they will sell better too!

Jo, no rain to speak of and you know we speak of nothing else!

Kathleen, no just the sorry looking wooden table and chairs which were badly in need of some TLC but did not have the camera with me, I did'nt think of the boat under the heading!

OneStonedCrow,the kids discovered you could easily scrape the covering off of the seeds to make designs!I think it is cute and happy grinning at me when I go out.
Matron said…
Absolutely no problem getting my 5-a-day here either. Home grown veggies are miles better.
Linda said…
My goodness Peggy you've been busy. Love the idea of open-air dancing inthe summer.
FoodFunFarmLife said…
I had wondered why you'd gone a little quiet all of a sudden, Peggy - so it's lovely to 'see you' back again ! You are one busy lady, and seem to lead an exciting life, always doing something new & different ! The dancing looks like fun .... Have a lovely weekend ....

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