Fungi and Flowers

Back to the rain this morning so I still have not been out to the plot.Yesterday was dry and cold but being Sunday I had lots on so could not go out.The leaves are falling from the shrubs in the front and in amongst them I saw these small white spots. On investigation I discovered I have mushrooms growing! What type they are I don't know but I am sure are not edible!
The mushrooms are small and white and growing up through the carpet of leaves which will have to be cleared off of the ground.I have never seen anything like this growing in the bed before, maybe it has something to do with the very wet summer we had.
As I had the camera I went and investigated the other few blooms which still survive in the garden.This is the Bacoba, still flowering, it was sharing with a Sinetti which died off and I replaced it with some Begonia which are still putting up some colour around the garden.
The Tumbling pots began life with Pansies and I replaced them with Cyclamen before the wedding in August and they are still performing well, it is fairly sheltered here near the patio door so they might linger on for a while.
A lone and waterlogged Chrysanthemum, this was flowering when I bought it back around April but then it died back and is now putting out new blooms.
A lone Lupin Spike has survived the high winds and stands sentinel in the flower bed.The lupins have flowered all summer? long, the later flowering spikes were not as vivid or high as the first ones but I love them and they have kept colour in the garden for months
Aha! My Buddha surrounded by I know not what! I think these are seedlings that have escaped from the stone bed and reseeded in the gravel around the Buddhas feet!I will have to wait and see what turns up if they survive the winter.
Fuschia is still flowering, this is part of the hedge which I cut back hard in July so I was not expecting to see any more flowers until next year.
Buds on the Christmas cactus, I had left it out behind the shed all summer and just noticed the buds today on it. I have put it into the shed now where there is less light but the flowers will probably be on show long before Christmas. I had repotted some of it last year and have about 6 new plants now, they are small yet but there are a couple of buds on some of them.


Anonymous said…
I see that you have some of the same things in your garden that I do. We were working in the yard yesterday and noticed mushrooms in the yard too. Not sure why they were growing in my rose bed and other parts of the yard. I also had some Calendula growing in parts of our garden that I did not plant there. I guess those are suprises that us gardeners get sometimes.

Linda said…
That's a lot of blooms still for this time of year, Peggy. And yes, the seedlings are everywhere!

Funny, I just brought indoors a Christmas cactus I'd had outside all summer. I was noticing the contrast in colour between it and its siblings indoor - the outside one has the same orange tone to the leaves as your outside one - also flowers setting, unlike its indoor counterparts.

Hope your rain clears up soon!
Ann said…
The Bacoba looks very healthy, I love this plant. The cyclamen might last all winter for you, ours did last year. It's lovely to see what is still going strong in your garden.
love those tumbling pots. If I wasn't so lazy I'd make or get me some. Oh well, I'll just enjoy yours.
The Tile Lady said…
That lovely fuscia, and the lupine, too! Great photos! What shiny mushrooms! I've never seen any so shiny, but perhaps they were still wet from the rain.

Thanks for checking out my new Quilting Blog and commenting! Would love to have you visit me there when you can!

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