Summer on the Plot

I have been on holidays abroad, enjoying the summer sunshine here at home, spending days on the plot  and while taking some photos did not turn on the computer to upload so, not to bore anyone, collages are the way to go.
Various harvests, you will notice courgettes feature in all of them, but getting more colourful as the season progresses!
Beetroot,carrots, courgettes,cucumber, chillis,Kale,lettuce,Mange Tout,onions,sweet peppers,sweetcorn and potatoes, not bad for such a late start on a new plot!

The onions drying in the sunshine.Chilli peppers (our first attempt ever at growing these)!Tomatoes reddening on the vines at last, our first red pepper is in there too! I love how colourful the harvest gets as the season unfolds.
The  story of our pumpkins. they were started off in pots at home and repotted as needed, they were  finally planted out on the plot in early June.Clockwise from top left is their progress, it was slow until we got some heavy downpours of rain and then they just took off!
These are Rouges Vif d'Etampes "a large, flat, heavy ribbed pumpkin with bright orange red skin.The fruit can weigh 10kg and stores well, very unusual variety. The kids just want some to hollow out and light candles in for Hallow'een!

Some edibles I remembered to take photos of! Top left, Ginger, Lemon & Courgette jam. Roasted Beetroot in Red (Ruosso)Balsamic Vinegar. Chocolate & Courgette Cupcakes.
The final pic maybe should have gotten its own space but however!
This is Jim Mc Namara of the Organic College in Dromcolliher who featured regularly on my favourite gardening programme Garrai Glas. A down to earth programme which gave the warts and all stories and film of real people gardening , the slugs ate their veg, blight got their spuds and they all got their hands dirty kind of programme.The programme was presented by Sile Nic Chonaonaigh, I had all 4 series recorded on my TV box but then had to get a replacement and lost all of them! They can be viewed on Youtube if anyone is interested.
I was at the Charleville Agricultural Show and bumped into this lovely gentleman and he posed quite happily  for his very first selfie, I was not letting him go anyway!
The Organic College website
That is the story of the summer so far as we continue to enjoy sunny days with the odd thunder shower in between


Your veggies look so good. We had a very small garden this year. I knew with redoing the kitchen I would not have time to keep up my usually garden. I have missed your posts.
Scarlett Cannon said…
Blimey Peggy - congratulations on an amazing crop in year 1 !!! I'm well impressed but unsurprised for you clearly are a growing goddess.
Hope all's well - looks like you had a lovely holiday.
Peggy said…
Thanks Betty, the kitchen is a major and usually expensive makeover, next year hopefully you will have more 'disposable' time on your hands!
Peggy said…
Scarlett, thanks I am pretty amazed myself!You go out nearly every day and have something coming home so even when I was looking back at the pics I could not believe just how much we had this first year and still some to come.
I had a lovely holiday and had to ease myself gently back into work mode!
PeggyR said…
Everything looks really good!
PeggyR said…
Send some this way!
Peggy said…
PeggyR, thank you, we are delighted needless to say as we began late and didnt get stuff in when it should have been in but nature caught up and delivered in style

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