Getting a Headstart on Next Year!

We have finally dug out the last corner of the plot, its been sitting under plastic sheeting for months to break down the high grass.The plastic was removed and the dead grass could be easily pulled away making it possible for a fellow plotter to come in with a rotavator to break up the ground.
 We then dug it over thoroughly and removed the scutch grass roots and the stones.
 I went on a road trip near Kinsale on Mon and brought back 4 bags of seaweed in the boot of the car!
Wellie boots are compulsory for this task. I did'nt want to get seaweed from the harbour area as it is possibly polluted with diesel from boats and various other unmentionables.
The seaweed was not loose at the waters edge so it meant  collecting it at low tide, and taking conservation into account. I took a large scissors and  cut approx half of each plant leaving the roots still attached to the rocks.The 4 bags only covered about 1/3 of the proposed potato patch for next year so at least 2 more  foraging trips are necessary.
It is thickly covered with the seaweed which will act as a mulch over winter and is good for potatoes also, the ground will be ready for planting seed potatoes instead of playing catch up as we have been doing all of this season.
I had covered some of it with this large cardboard box but this evening that was removed to cover the cleared onion bed. The onions have been drying over the past weeks and are now plaited to hang in storage.
The bed has been cleared and covered with old mushroom compost and covered now with the cardboard so that is one more bed ready for next season, we are clearing and readying as we go.

The brassica cage which is in the corner of the above pics. Brussels Sprouts , Kale and cabbage are doing well but the netting has served its time and a few holes have appeared through which the white cabbage butterfly got in so some caterpillar damage is visible on the sprouts and cabbage. We are not pulling the Kale just cutting leaves  carefully from each plant and trying to make them last as long as possible.


PeggyR said…
Everything is looking good!
Ann said…
You've done fantastically for a first year in a new allotment - well done! What luck to be able to go and get seaweed, I've just used the liquid seaweed stuff on my plot. Those damn butterflies, I don't know how they get in. I have a mesh door on my polytunnel but one still got in so I now have caterpillars.

I'm still clothes blogging, hope you are enjoying that! I am starting to run out of ideas. My new hair do is much easier to look after, I was lucky to find such a good hairdresser, I've been going to her for about 18 months now, she cuts beautifully but she's going on maternity leave soon - I'll miss her!
Peggy said…
Thanks PeggyR!
Peggy said…
Thanks Ann, I do enjoy your new Blog departure covering fashion for us mature ladies!
I have had that problem, just when you find a good hairdresser they go on leave or move on or the salon closes down!
I have always said, anyone can cut your hair and make it look good coming home from the salon, its about 2 to 3 weeks later when it starts to grow , its then you know if you have had a good hair cut or not!
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