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The weather has suddenly become glorious, sunny days with temps up in the late teens and forecasting early 20s! It brings its own problems  with watering young  plants, especially in the polytunnel or greenhouse.
The tomatoes have found their permanent home at last, I think they are smaller than they should be for this time of the season, they are setting blossom and have only one truss to each plant?!

This Celtic Gold is being touted as the new wonder compost, guaranteeing stupendous growth !It has been enriched with worm cast, a bit pricey at €17 for 2 bags. I bought 2  at The Pavilion Garden centre in Ballygarvan and added it around the tomato plants and lettuce in the tunnel. I will be expecting a huge improvement immediately!
After the Blight scare of last week the potatoes actually have recovered and grown new foliage and there has been no further discolouring of the leaves. The Charlotte have sprouted  lovely lilac flowers so heres hoping it was just a scare.

Lettuce and Spinach takes up the other side of the tunnel, lettuce is being sown every two weeks to keep a supply going over the season. I have planted some outside also to slow down the growth as we don't want all of them maturing together.
A pleasant surprise this evening in the tunnel, strawberries turning red almost overnight!


Kathleen said…
I'll have to pop up for a head of lettuce,great growth in the tunnel!
Those strawberries look so good and so does the lettuce. Our plants are going so big, but not many blossoms. It must be the weather we have had this year.
Peggy said…
Kathleen, there is defintiley a glut of lettuce, you're welcome to a couple!
Peggy said…
Nothing grows the same two years in a row, there is always something to affect the result.
Tanmay Roy said…
Yes, those strawberries look so good and so does the lettuce. Loved it!
Peggy said…
Thank you Tanmay Roy, I had a quick look at your blog the farm looks to be an interesting place but Where?
Ann said…
We made the mistake of planting the tomatoes too close together in the polytunnel, yours are looking very healthy.

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