All Change!

I have been absent from the blog forever! I had a lot to weigh up before deciding which way to go .
We had been nearly 6 years on our plot in the Hydro Farm Allotments, 3 with one plot and then we even took on a second one, but things change and sometimes we have to change with them.
The recession means my trusty Grandson Stephen who has been with me since day one has had to emigrate,Grand daughter Gemma is now studying at Drama College and D. Kathryn and the 2 girls Sinead & Aoife are moving to the other side of the county and so are unable to continue on the allotment and therefore after much mind acrobatics and heart searching I  decided finally that neither could  I.
The kids grew up on the Hydro farm, Zwena always encouraged them.They learned about growing their own, they got to  know about hens etc, they grew pumpkins and giant sunflowers had BBQs and generally had fun. We got to know some fantastic people, grew and ate veg we had never considered before, had open days, celebrities & TV crews visiting, became  subjects for a book chapter, took part in Garden festivals and I won the RDS award for allotment gardening again encouraged by Zwena.
I considered just taking on one plot but I finally decided that a clean break was the hardest but the only option in the long run.
Pic of our first open day when we were still reclaiming over grown beds!
Kevin that first year!

I mentioned to one of my sons, Billy about giving up the plot and he said he would love to do it but Tower is too far away for him also and found there were allotments available much nearer to both of us.We met with the owner and made the decision to take on a plot at Rathcooney Fruit Farm about 5 minutes away from us. It is a bare site so I am taking my shed which regular readers might remember was a 60th birthday present to me from my family.Billy came out and we stripped it down and transported it to our new plot where it will be erected in due course (hopefully soon)!

The beginning of the end, the shed being stripped and dismantled.

 Our last view of our plots, even the scarecrow looks a little forlorn at being deserted. We had already said our goodbyes to our neighbouring plotters and Zwena will keep me on the newsletter email list and hopefully we will keep in contact and meet up again.
I also slipped some of our rhubarb into large pots, raspberry slips and strawberry runners so some of our Hydro plants will make the transition with us.
I have seed potatoes chitting and cabbage and cauliflower plants waiting........

 The dark patch in the foreground is our new plot, 'nuff said for the moment!


Why I garden... said…
Wow, a big decision. The new plot sounds ideal being closer to home and all. It'll be enjoyable getting it established.
Kathleen said…
Onto pastures new the blank canvas awaits!
Peggy said…
Hi Kelli,
thanks for still dropping by after my long absence!There are some pluses but I don't know if the word enjoyable is on my mind as yet in getting it established!
Peggy said…
Kathleen, blank canvas is right, its a blank plot!
Sad to give up your much-loved plot but WOW how lucky you are to have the option to choose another! If I gave my north London plot up now I'd never get another in my lifetime.
More hard graft on the way then, but you know it'll be worth it.
I've also been absent from the blog while having a new kitchen built - what a drama!! Will be writing about it soon......
Marie T said…
The best of luck with the new plot Peggy! nothing ever stays the same, thats life I suppose. But there are lots of as yet un-made memories ahead of you and closer to home too which is a great bonus. I admire allotmenteers so much,the motivation required to travel to your plotbefore you get stuck in is phenomenal.
Anna Bee said…
Good luck with the new plot. Sad to move on, but necessary. Well done on deciding.
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,

Can't imagine you and your family no longer gardening at Hydro Farm, but time moves on even when you don't want it to...Best of luck with the new plot. I know you'll make it a beautiful and productive one.

All the best,

Anonymous said…

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