Gardening in the Sunshine!

We have been enjoying very unseasonal sunshine with temps in the high teens.Gardening on the allotment and at home has been a pleasure due also to the extra hour of daylight in the evenings since we changed to summertime.
The rhubarb has gone mad this year, it is almost forming a hedge across the front of the plot.
I picked some last week and made some very tasty tarts, I have seen new season rhubarb on sale for E 1.50 fro 4 or 5 stalks!
The area netted in the foreground are onions which are coming up well, the netting was to stop the birds from pecking out the tops until they get established

These photos did not upload in sequence!
This is the asparagus bed which got a very overdue face lift and feeding, more below.

I put in 4 drills of Sharpes Express and Red Duke of York, all first earlies.
There are more to go in but these are the traditional St Patrick's day sowing

The reason the asparagus bed got its long overdue TLC, we have asparagus!
Kathryn noticed 3 spears on Sun but they had been nibbled by the rabbits,we had not checked because we were not expecting any to show for another month at least.Kathryn put netting over the bed until we could do a proper job on it.
I gave the whole bed a top dressing of soil and well rotted manure from our 'heap'covering the new spears from the frost as well as the rabbits.The whole bed will be wired in tomorrow.

The back garden flowerbed was reclaimed from the hens.I did not think anything had survived their onslaught but I was very pleasantly surprised to find new growth struggling to come through.
The last daffs left standing!

The Hosta sprouting new green shoots in the midst of destruction.I had tried to dig it out a couple of years ago as it is too close to the Peony rose but I could not get any leverage on it. The hens had scraped away all of the earth almost exposing the root ball so I was able to dig it out and move it to a new location where it is doing very well.

The old fashioned Peony rose which I had given up all hopes of seeing again.
Between the hens and the frost all that was visible was dead brown foliage, but when I scraped away the debris there are lots of new shoots growing!
Peony roses don't like disturbance according to all the experts so if this flowers again after being seriously disturbed by the hens?!


Why I garden... said…
Your rhubarb is very impressive indeed, huge plants! They do have a wow factor compared to my plant which still needs a few weeks of growth before harvesting. Glad many of your plants have survived the hens!
You are as busy, peggy, in your garden as those chickens! You are making so fabulous progress and soon you'll be eating all kinds of wonderful homegrown goodies.
Hahaha - got to love those chickens! Your rhubarb is way ahead of mine and looks fantastic. Great weather here too which is useful for me with so much extra allotment work to do now. Thanks for your visits and supportive comments during the recent debacle which just keeps rolling on and on....
New start soon I hope.
Enjoy the sunshine!
Anonymous said…
I'm hopeful for the Peony Rose...when I was a kid...the chickens were let out of their big fence later in the afternoon...that way there wasn't so much time for them to munch on my Mom's and my great aunts flowers! I'm thinking I never saw a chicken in the front yard where most of the flowers were! Your rhubarb is fantastic...I found two little packages of rhubarb at the grocery today, almost bought one till I saw the price :( I rarely ever see rhubard anymore...I used to buy it to make Don a pie at least once during the season!
Anonymous said…
Wow that Rhubarb is looking great!
I hope your Peony is ok they are so pretty in the spring garden, I have moved some in my garden a few times and they still seem to flower each year, I have also heard they don't like to be disturbed
Marie said…
Wow, that rhubarb is something! Really thick! And all those young tender plants breaking the ground! I wish I was as far along in mine as you!

Thanks for your comments on my bird watching post! Have an awesome week!
Kathleen said…
That rhubarb looks like a hedge!The hosta is a killer if too well established to dig up,you need Kevin or Billys boot under that shovel to shift it!
OneStonedCrow said…
Hehe ... in this part of the world we take the Sunshine for granted ...

... thanks for reminding me that it's a blessing ... :)
keewee said…
Your rhubarb is fantastic. I would like to grow some but I am the only one who likes it, so I fear it would go to waste.
Matron said…
That is amazing rhubarb! I have rhubarb envy!
Linda said…
I did a double take when I saw your rhubarb!
Marie said…
The garden is coming along beautifully! How exciting! Let me tell you what I'm up to...making raised beds and planting a few things already, plus I have ordered a bunch of heirloom seeds! I can't wait to get it all going! Gardening in the desert is different but I think we'll do fine.

Thanks for your concern about my eye. It is much better now! Hope you have a very blessed Easter!
Ann said…
The gorgeous weather was perfect for you at the allotment Peggy, hope you had better weather than we've had this past week though.

We dug up our peony as it got too big for where it was, then the following year it grew again in the same spot so we must have left a bit of the root in, so now we've got two. Yours should do fine.
cathy@home said…
Lovely looking Rhubarb and your garden is so neat and tidy Spring cleaned .

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