Blarney Parade

Blarney St Patrick's day parade drew a huge crowd to the village, the parade was supported by all the neighbouring parishes and there was a great buzz as the participants took up their stations.We were in position no 36 and there was quite a few behind us.
The sun shone throughout apart from one light shower just before the parade took off.
There were 2 raised beds on the trailer and a pergola, 2 scarecrows were suspended from the top and various garden implements.

All available personnel were out early to prepare the float (trailer)!Julie was busy with the paint brush and Michael was putting the pergola together

In the foreground are the various bits the rest of us were gathering to fill the raised beds etc.

Scotty driving the jeep with some of the allotmenteers behind. The balloons are actually vegetable shaped but it is hard to see them in the photo.

The motley crew behind with garden implements, wheelbarrow etc, Willow the german shepherd is sporting a tricolour ribbon for the day!

Mother's Day was on Sunday here, flowers, wine and chocs were arriving all day, Thank You.
I took the camera into the front garden to take some pics of what is in flower now.
The first tulip with the last of the grape hyacinths in the background

Last of the daffodils

Catkins and buds on the contorted hazel

Callendulla,my late Mother brought me a little slip one day some years ago and it has flowered faithfully since. It usually flowers much later here in the front which gets very little sunshine except early in the morning.

Mahonia is in a corner which the yellow flowers brighten up, the top leaves are always a mottled brown colour for some reason.

Today I made a start on reclaiming the back garden from the hens,a very short video of them checking out their new abode!


Kathleen said…
Wasnt the weather unbelievable for the long weekend!Would have went to the parade had I thought of the Hydro participating in it.Have not gone to the city parade in years!Garden looks great,are the hens still the original ones and are they laying as well as ever?
Anonymous said…
The parade and float are wonderful! Love all the flowers from your garden and the chicken video! Is this where you moved them to in your yard? They seem quite happy...of course chickens are always happy when they have a place to scratch and plenty of good things to eat!
I would have loved to have been standing along the parade route as you allotmenters went by. What a fun float!! Happy belated st. Pats to you.
Why I garden... said…
Looks like a good weekend! We had great weather and very litte rain -hope you had St Paddy's sunshine as well.
PeggyR said…
The parade looked wonderful! If I need help with Norm I will get it.
Marie said…
What a great glad the allotmenteers were part of it! I love your float! Enjoyed the spring flower pics...yep, time to garden in earnest!
Oh, and Happy Mother's Day too!

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