Not Blogging but....

I have taken quite a long break from blogging but we have been busy over the last couple of weeks!
My gardeners took off to spend time on a boat on the Liverpool Leeds Canal negotiating 5 stair locks etc and had a whale of a time!

I took off to Robert's Cove and spent time treating the deck,badly overdue!I took my time and got a nice suntan as a bonus,I read books and generally chilled out.
D.Aisling was on hen duty while I was away and when I got back G.son Scott has now decided my name is Nana Chickens!
My time on the computer was short and spent setting up an Etsy shop!
I made some Lavender wands and hearts and they are for sale there, more items to be added later.I need to spend some more time dickying it up a bit.

We had G.son Scott's 3rd birthday with a BBQ in Robert's Cove

We had G.son Jack's 2nd birthday (Scott's brother)

Last but not least niece Catherine has written another book which is again self printed by her and available on Amazon.Catherine has also written a self help book about the process of self printing and it is also for sale on Amazon and getting 5* reviews, all information is on her blog.Anyone ever thinking of writing a book and wanting to go down the self printing route will find a mine of information on the pit falls and advice on how to get around them!

Allotment, potatoes,cabbage,onions,cucumbers, broad beans,courgettes all harvesting.We are officially in a Broccolli (calabrese)glut, even the side shoots are growing apace!


Barbarapc said…
Lots of adventures and cake - summer can't get any better!
Ann said…
It is nice to have a break from blogging, especially when you are doing other things, like being at the seaside.

Good look with etsy, hope you get lots of sales.
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear you have been having a good break, looks like fun on the canals.

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