Another day on the plot

I went out to the plot today to plant some winter cabbage and lollo rosso which was growing at home in seed trays.
I had also planted seeds of kale and transplanted 6 healthy seedlings into a larger tray as 6 was more than enough for us. They were growing into nice healthy plants until a couple of days ago ,when I checked them one morning the kale had simply disappeared overnight!
Our courgettes are very slow growing this year and a glut of them is not likely either.There were 2 nice ones yesterday and today they had been nibbled by something!

I planted out 3x Golden acre cabbages and 4x Wheeler's Imperial in one of the onion beds which Kathryn had cleared.After I had taken the photo, they had cabbage collars put in place, against the cabbage root fly, netting against the rabbits and pigeons and slug blocker against the slugs,am I missing anything?!

No ,not a mummy ,lollo rosso lettuce plants in the vacated broad bean bed.I put the fleece over them to keep some heat in and the slug blocker as well.
The crimson flowered broad beans are in the other half of the bed for another while.

Look closely and see the rabbit just at the top of the bed, he had actually been in the bed inside the netting!

There he goes running....

Then he just sat there as if to say, hold on a minute I live here!
I was coming home about 5.00pm but then started on the brassica bed.I weeded and pulled all of the yellowed leaves from the broccoli and cut all of the side shoots. I gave them a feed of comfrey tea and hopefully we will have some more side shoots coming on.
I carried on and weeded the white turnips and the remaining 4 heads of the greyhound cabbage also pulling the lower and yellowed leaves from them.The slugs will have to jump to get on them now!
We are not great cabbage eaters but it is nice to have one occasionally.
Harvest coming home today,potatoes, broccoli, white turnips,beetroot,french beans, peas and 2 globe artichokes for tonights TV snack.


Anonymous said…
Cheeky little rabbit!
Peggy said…
Lisa and Robb;They are circular collars made from a blck membrane infused with a slug deterent but mainly to stop the cabbage root fly from laying eggs and eating away the roots of the plant.We lost mos tof our brassica seedlings last year to it.You can make your own as many people do from old carpet underlay etc but the bought ones can be washed and reused.
Peggy said…
Kellee, they are quite cheeky on our allotments, sitting on the side of the path while we drive in and out!
Interesting! I can't recall seeing these in the US.
Strange about your lack of courgettes. Mine are already glutting despite only having started producing fruit a few weeks ago. They grow fast too - doubling in size in just a couple of days. Perhaps it has something to do with the incredible heat earlier on this spring...?

I love this time of year, as I always come home from the plot with an enormous bag full of vegetables. My fridge is heaving as is the potato hopper, plenty has been given away, cooked, blanched and frozen. Other crop is drying for winter storage. I love it!
We are SO lucky to have our allotments.

All looking lovely Peggy. :)
Why I garden... said…
Looks like a busy summer! My courgettes aren't producing as well this year either. They've been slow to establish and alot of the courgettes have been rotting at the flower end - never really had that happen before. I've had nibbles taken out of my courgette, which I assume were from slugs. This gardening stuff is tough!
Peggy said…
Scarlett,you garden in the city and may have more trapped heat and shelter as a result,magic plot 7 is aptly named!It is the thrill of bringing home the bounty that keeps us going back year after year, hoping each year will be a bumper year!
Peggy said…
Why I garden, you garden on the exposed northern coast ,me on the southern coast and the winds this year have caused a stunt in growth of everything I think plus the lack of sunshine and warmth for any extended period of time.
Its 'them or us'to get the harvest first!
PeggyR said…
LOL about the rabbit. We have deer that destroy things here in the states. That's why Norm and I quit vegetable gardening years ago. Most of our lot here is fenced in, but the deer can still jump it!
I'd gladly swap you an armful of courgettes!
May be time to start making marrow cream soon ...
Thank you for posting such a useful, impressive and a wicked article./Wow.. looking good!

Growing Plants
Peggy, hi! I am finally back online and am looking forward to keeping up with you again! Thanks for hanging in there with me! I am actually doing a little gardening too, right here in the desert! This move has been a huge change for us, but we are so happy to be starting fresh and to be near our kids again. The pictures of the rabbit were so funny....I know you don't want him nibbling, but he sure reminds me of Peter Rabbit! :-) All my best! Marie
Ann said…
You are getting as bad as me for not blogging Peggy, hope all is well or are you just busy with the allotment? I'm about to start my next planting in the polytunnel, it's working out nicely.
Matron said…
Oh dear, that rabbit is bad news on a vegetable patch! Do you know anyone with a shotgun?
OH cheeky rabbit!!!! Terrible. It'll be back too! Someone this week was complaining about gophers, you have rabbit issues and I'm having possum problems! Bah! :)

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