Mallow Show Gardens 2011

More of the gardens at the Mallow Homes & Gardens show.
There are 25 permanent gardens which get a face lift and/or make over each year.This gold fish is around for quite a few years and is the last remaining one in the pool.They knew he was there but this year they put various pieces of garden sculpture around the gardens and a heron pouring water was put next to the fish pool.The goldfish spent the time swimming and dancing in the oxygenated bubbling water, much to the delight of visitors

A patio garden

The Hobbit playhouse, erected by a company who make and design unusual playhouses etc all over the world.

Courtyard garden with a vine growing for a few years it would be one of the permanent features which new designers have to work around.

In the sales area, a lavender tree?!

Unusual lillies

Off Our trolleys, a catchy selling idea.

Pots decorated in county emblems

Dunsland garden centre had by far the largest sales area full of colour and plants of all shapes and sizes, Prop. Peter Dowdall said he had sourced more frost and cold weather hardy plants after so many gardens had suffered so many losses in the very cold winter we had.

I had previously met this smiling vendor selling lillies at Bloom in Dublin

Strawbale house, made from strawbales just like the 3 little pigs!
It is circular in shape, cool in summer and warm in winter.

An old VW camper van ,now a playhouse in the garden. These old vans just go on and on!

The interior of the strawbale house,showing the living area and there is a mezzanine floor with a bedroom up the stairs.

Doghouse with the roof cleverly disguised with planting

The permanent trees and plantings can be seen in this pic, the fountain is also permanent, the plants are added to each year and annual colour added.
Back to gardening in the next post, I have gotten very lax at taking photos when I am out at the plot!


Why I garden... said…
Some great ideas, looks like a fab event. Love all the creativity, really inspiring! Kelli
Linda said…
What a great day out, Peggy. Lots of inspiration. I particularly love the clean patios. Ours is quite shady, and leave collect in the corners, and I long for something dry and sunbaked.
I know what you mean about not taking photos. I'm in a bit of a photo dip at the moment - sometimes you just want to get on with things.
Anonymous said…
Amazing straw bale house, it actually looks bigger inside than it looks from the outside photo. Looks like a great day out Peggy.
Willow said…
That is a show I would have loved to have seen Love all the houses and so many pretty pots. Lucky you.

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