Theanne is going to learn as much as possible about Livorno in Italy as it has personal connections with her late husband and she has a liking for all things Italian!
I remembered I have had two visits to Italy, visiting Venice each time.The first trip I took to Italy I stayed on Lake Garda and took the train for a day trip to Venice where it was so hot we could not walk around!
The second visit I stayed in Venice for 4 days in April 2007 and it was flooded! I know you are saying it is supposed to be they have canals instead of streets!Twice yearly the canals actually rise and flood the walkways and squares.
Pic above is the Bridge of Sighs, so called as it was the last glimpse prisoners got of the outside world as they went from the Doges Palace to the prison.
The entrance to St Marks Cathedral was flooded and these high wooden ramps were placed around for people to walk on, they were also around the squares and anywhere the water would rise at high tide.
St Marks Sq, at times most of it was under a couple of inches of water!
Our hotel was on the Grand Canal, even though there are Gondolas outside we took the water bus everywhere which was the cheapest option for getting around. On my first trip I did take the obligatory Gondola ride which I think everyone does,it was 80e for about 20 mins! Our laughing Gondolier did sing for no extra charge and took us through some of the Grand Canal under the Rialto Bridge.
The Rialto Bridge, spanning the Grand Canal it is lined with shops selling very touristy stuff at a price.
The 2 boats in the foreground are actually delivery boats as all commerce and services are done from boats including Police and Fire Brigade.
We visited Art galleries and museums and walked through narrow winding streets, Venice has a mystique all of its own whether wet or dry.We also found Harry's Bar, famous because Hemingway was a regular visitor and they invented the Bellini cocktail which you can still buy there at a very exhorbitant price!


Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy enjoyed your pics and words of Venice...I figure I'm going to "meet" a lot of people on my online trip to Italy...just for the very fact that I'm going to have to get permission from everyone whose pictures and words I use on my blog *smile*!
Matron said…
Oh Peggy, how wonderful! I was just thinking the other day that I think my next short trip this year will be to Venice. You have whetted my appetite. Will have to make sure I pack my wellies though!
Susan said…
Lovely Venice-Twice!I so hope to go one day, but by the time the recession is over for us personally & we can afford to holiday again it may be underwater... it *is* wonderful to be able to enjoy it thru folks' words, pics, & videos online, tho'. Great stuff :)
Hi Peggy
How nice to find your blog through Theanne's link today! I live in Brooklyn --a part of New York City-- but my oldest brother's wife was born and raised in County Cork, near Mallow. They now live in Long Island. She's the only one in her family to live in America....they have been married over 40 years! I've visted Cork a few times and met her whole family. My heritage is Irish but I'm married to a native Italian so I now love all things Italian :)

I became a follower of your blog as I know I will enjoy reading your posts as I love to garden and have been trying to eat more organic foods.

Anonymous said…
Venice - I adore th eplace. I've been twice and want to go back. I've been in summer and winter and prefer winter as it's quieter.
I've also been to Rome twice and Florece once. Love Rome too, nad Florec=nce of course has the wonderful Uffizzi gallery.
Thanks for the great photos ;0)
Peggy said…
Theanne, you have certainly stirred up interest in all things Italian!If you want to use any of my pics feel free to do so.

Matron,Venice is enjoyable at any time!Carnival time is in March around Shrove Tues if you want to wear some of the fantatic masks which are used there!

Susan,that is the great thing about blogging you get to see places through the eyes of someone who as been to a place ,not some travel agent trying to sell it to make a sale.

Pat, welcome aboard and thanks for commenting.Mallow is about 30 miles from where I live, I did a post or two back in the summer about the Mallow Homes & gardens Festival as our allotment was invited to do a show garden there.

Lynda,you have been 'doing' Italy! I have not been to Rome or Florence but will definitely go back to Venice yet again!

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