Irish Times Potato advice

While browsing Facebook, Kehoes Brilliant Garden Centre caught my eye with this link from last Thurs Irish Times.The said paper was gone by the time I went up to my local shop so I was delighted to see this link as it is from Fionualla Fallon's gardening column. Fionualla is the lady who visited our allotments last year to take some pics and talk to us for inclusion in a forthcoming book she is writing.
The topic of new potatoes is foremost for all veg gardeners at the moment whether we can get out in the garden or not,so this is topical and very interesting.
Kehoes Brilliant garden centre also has a Blog presence in the shape of joyous flowers here


Anonymous said…
I've grown potatoes before but never knew all the things I learned from the Irish Times Potato advice article. Interesting information! I'm now "following" joyous flowers, perhaps I'll find a recipe I'd like to try...a vegetarian or just a plain old veggie one would help me to break the monotonous eating routine I've gotten into!
Jo said…
Hi Peggy, I'll check out the link when I'm home again. (Off to the mountains to visit the children as we're off to Kenya, East Africa next week) My husband always has food if there're potatoes in the house, and for me, tomatoes is a must. Crazy aren't we? Have a great day. Jo
Anonymous said…
Greetings from Southern California :-)

I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You, ~Ron
Matron said…
I've seen seed potatoes on sale here already. Seeing as how I grew some in a pot for Christmas, I might just have a go at growing some in the same way for Easter!
Barbarapc said…
Peggy, I'm hereby extending a Canadian Maple Leaf to you in honour of your cold weather - that's unbelievable. Your hands must be like ice! Unfortunately my garden isn't really big enough for potatoes - but going to take a look at the link - am helping to do an intro to gardening this spring -no doubt will learn something I can pass along to my students.
Willow said…
What a wonderful blog. Thank you for sharing the link. I have been going through seed catalogs lately and ordering things for our garden. I have never grown potatoes yet though. Thank you for the wonderful comment you left on my blog.

Ann said…
Know what you mean about sleeping well in the cold weather, I've been the same but then I can't wake up properly, it's been a funny sort of January for me. Hope you've got your central heating back by now. I'll take a look at the link about the potatoes, sounds interesting.
Randy Emmitt said…

Not seen seed potatoes here in the southeastern US yet. But I will be looking pretty soon. Meg is all the rage about peas, surprised she has not planted any yet.

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