RDS Allotment Awards 2010

Some months ago Zwena encouraged us to enter for the inaugural RDS allotment awards, I did eventually enter probably on the last date for posting entries! I am not sure if any or how many of the other plotters entered. I received an email to invite me to attend the awards ceremony held in the RDS in Dublin yesterday.I was dubious about going but then thought I had not been to Dublin for quite a while and booked my train ticket and set off spending some time in the city centre shopping etc before heading out to the RDS showgrounds to the Presidents chamber in the members Club!
I watched the various categories being presented and nearly did a double take when my name appeared on the screen with photos of our plot and my name was called out to go and receive a prize!
I have been awarded the Experienced Gardener Award 2010 with a beautiful silver RDS medal and a cheque for e500. I was absolutely stunned as I seemed to be the only one there who was not aware that everyone present was shortlisted! I had taken my camera with me but with all of the excitement took no photos. There was a press photographer there and we will get photos and they will also be sent out with press releases to the various national newspapers.
I would have to say, as most prizewinners do that the award may have been collected by me but it is recognition for all of the hard work put in by Kathryn,Stephen,Gemma, Sinead,Aoife and not forgetting my chief gardener Kevin so we will have to think of a suitable award ceremony for all concerned.
I had intended doing a post on my Limerick visit but this has over taken that as I am still gobsmacked!!!
You can read about the RDS (Royal Dublin Society) and the allotment awards here


Kathleen said…
Congratulations again on a job well done and to all the helpers too! It will be great to treat them to something nice as a reward for their efforts and to keep them working even harder into the future!!
Anna Bee said…
Wow - congratulations! Well deserved.
Barbarapc said…
Congratulations to you and your team. It's terrific that you've been recognized & I know you'll have a wonderful second party to really do it all up right.
Anonymous said…
CONGRATULATIONS...Peggy, you and your family put a lot of hard work into your allotment...the award and reward are well earned by all of you...and you get all those yummy vegetables too :) Well done!!!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to you all.Enjoy the award and prize.
Willow said…
Congratulations. I agree you do deserve it with all the hard work you and your family do.

Linda said…
Congratulations - what an honour. And how nice to have these awards which value the work done on allotments.
Fabulous news and a very well deserved award. What will you spend your 500 euros on??
Ann said…
Wow Peggy, well done, what a marvelous surprise and well deserved!!! And e500!!!

Hope you are completely recovered from your chest infection.
Susan said…
Well done, Peggy, & €500 is a fabulous prize, too. That was well worth a trip to Dublin!
Matron said…
Just so well deserved! Well done my friend! You have an amazing allotment and it it brilliant that your family joins in too. Say hello to Zwena from me, I still have very happy memories of my visit!
woohoo, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap
A well deserved win Peggy.
Anonymous said…
Mom, wow this is brilliant!
Well done to you, Katy and crew. Definitely deserving, very proud of the lot of you and all the hard work you put in. Love all the wonderful vegetables we get as well!!

Peggy said…
Hi everyone, thanks for all the good wishes x
Anonymous said…
From all of us out on the Hydro Allotments... "Well Done Peggy"


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