Autumn Harvesting

I only seem to get out to the plot on Tues mornings lately, or else forget the camera.The sun shone this morning and it was a crisp autumn day, quite windy but a big improvement on last year when we were almost submerged.Our pumpkin is growing slower and slower! The first large one rotted away underneath and this is the next biggest one, I don't think it will become any record size over the next few weeks!
View of the plot in the sunshine,I removed most of the supports and netting from the beds where it is no longer needed so the plot looks quite bare. The fruit cage is the next one to be taken down and packed away for next year.
Harvest for today which I think is quite good for Oct! Carrots, tomatoes,leeks,beetroot,lettuce and globe artichokes, I pulled 2 of our biggest leeks which are fine as they will stay in the ground until next year, to be used as needed over the winter.Tomatoes are still ripening on the vine if a little slower as time goes on but I am not complaining.
The kids windmills and gnomes in the shelter of the shed to sit out the winter.
The tomatoes in the greenhouse.Kathryn is climbing somewhere on the Yorkshire dales and I cannot get out as often so we are inclined to forget the greenhouse still needs watering even when it is raining outside.One cucumber plant is sending out a single fruit, it may be too late for it to grow very large but we still have a few hours of sunshine every day. I am not in any hurry to pull up the plants if anything is still on them so we will wait and see what develops.

I put some Lollo Rosso plants into one of the grow bags after removing the spent tomato plants. They seem to be doing OK in the greenhouse.
I put in 2 autumn raspberry bushes during the summer, not expecting to have any fruit this year.One of the bushes has a handful of ripe fruit each time I go out and the other one is bare.
More strawberries?! I tidied up the foliage some weeks ago cutting back runners and this years leaves. The plants took off again and 4 plants are producing berries again.
I know I bought 6 plants in Aldi last year, 2 early,2 mid season and 2 late season.I cannot remember having late fruit last year but they are still going into Oct this year.Is it the warm weather we have had? They are being nibbled by slugs who are still on the prowl.

This is outside my front door one morning last week, the spiders are out in force, I wonder is this why they are associated with Hallo'een and pumpkins?!


Kathleen said…
The spiders webs look like artwork,very nice! I saw pumpkins for sale outside a local organic shop today they were huge,for 9.99!
Matron said…
That's a fine harvest from your patch. The first leeks of the year are always the tastiest. Amazing spider webs! There is a spider that spins across the doorway of my greenhouse every day, I nearly always forget and walk right into it. Yuk!
Anonymous said…
Looks like you are still getting good harvests from the allotment, is'nt it great when the berries fruit twice.
Ann said…
You're still getting quite a bit of veg from your allotment, I remember your pictures from last year, when everything was flooded! I wondering what sort of winter we are going to have.

Those spiderwebs look lovely don't they, always know when autumn is here when I see them.
Peggy said…
Kathleen,i have not seen any pumpkins for sale yet but I wonder are those big ones actually edible?

Matron,I am dying to try them to taste!Going to cook very simply with white sauce and monkfish.These spiders spin across my front door!

Kellee, its the first time I have had fruit give a second crop!It is also the first time we have had fruit growing and a really good summer.

Ann,we have lots of berries on the hawthorn and some are saying this is a sign of a cold winter?!
Hi Peggy,
I am wishing for a great big pumpkin in your patch... it's growing. Maybe it will make it. Loved the spider webs.
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy...the raspberries are of my favorites and I love spiderwebs in the morning...with dew drops or not...beautiful!!!! Your Autumn garden produce looks delicious...I'm hoping I can grow something in a pot, since I will no longer have gardening don't hear of allotment gardening here like you do in England...wish communities did more of this...
Peggy said…
Hi Latane, I think it will take more than wishing to make it grow in the next coupel of weeks!We are promised an Indian summer next week.

Theanne, the spiderwebs are fantasic every morning,feats of construction!Do you have community gardens over there? Grow what you can in pots at this time of year to keep you in the loop!
Lexa said…
Fantastic October harvest. ANd you are so right about the spider webs. Here in Oregon you can not walk the trails in the woods without getting a face ful of cob-web.
Catherine said…
Peggy - I left an award for you over at my blog - so hope you don't mind and enjoy doing it if you like to! Lovely pumpkins and what a great harvest you're having this year - what a bonus it's been after last year!
Linda said…
That's a great harvest for this time in the season. Remind me what sort of successional sowing you did of your beetroot. I'd like to try to extend my beet season.
Have you tried putting a tile under your pumpkin? We found it stopped them rotting away in contact with the soil.
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