Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two Week Catch Up!!

I wonder where those 2 weeks went to?! I know the birthday celebrations went on a bit, I have been away for a few days (will do a post on my trip to Limerick ).
I had a chest infection and have been off the cigarettes now for 7 days (who is counting?), not being able to breathe is as good a reason as any to give 'em up! Sitting at the computer has been curtailed as I would automatically reach for a cigarette.
I did not go to the allotment last week as I did not feel up to it so this morning I did remember to take the camera and also do some winter tidying up. The harvest is winter warming veg, carrots, parsnips and cabbage, most of which have now been added to a big pot of soup which is cooling before blitzing with the blender.
Would Pirates of the Caribbean like some real life veg from Davy Jones locker? These are what grew of our Celeriac plants, the photo makes them look quite large but they are less than golf ball size in reality!I added one of them to my pot of soup just to make them feel wanted.
I just liked the look of these late flowering plants, the late bees are hovering around them.There is blue Borage in the front, yellow Calendula and swiss Chard.
The strawberry plants are still producing?! They are not as sweet as the sun ripened ones of summer but are tasty anyway.I had tidied up the plants for winter so do I now repeat this process again...cutting back brown foliage etc?
I removed the netting from the fruit bed and cut back this years raspberry canes, I also cut out any canes that were spindly or growing too closely together.They need to be tied now to withstand winter gales.The whole bed will be weeded and covered with a mulch of manure for the winter months
The autumn fruiting raspberries continue to surprise.There are two bushes of Blissy Autumn Bliss, one is producing fruit and the other is not even though both were bought and planted at the same time.
I pruned back the blackcurrant bush also, taking about 1 third of the old growth and opening up the centre of the bush.
The brussel sprouts will not last until Christmas I think, I wonder if they are an early harvesting variety or has it been the mild weather this year. I will have to poke out the seed packets to check.
Snapdragons are still blooming around the plot and at home. I wanted to get a snap of the colours of this particular one as it is beautiful.

I was driving out the laneway from the allotments when I came across 3 pheasants strolling down in front of me, they ignored me for a few minutes until I got out the camera then they bolted so I only caught 2 of them on camera.


talesfromagarden said...

Nothing like a chest infection to give up the fags!
The plot looks great we are still getting a bit of sunshine at least and the dreaded rain hasnt arrived yet!

Theanne and Baron said...

you garden still looks fantastic, I love raspberries and a tiny container of them here costs around $5.00 (where I shop)...and still you havestrawberries and flowers. The soup you're making sounds delicious...I'll be getting into my rental on Saturday...I'm really looking forward to trying out some vegetarian soups...I'll have to make do with produce from the store...they have little farmer's markets around so I'll be trying to find one...so the veggies will be a little fresher...giving up cigarettes is never easy...I'll be rooting for you to succeed...

Susan said...

Good luck being off the ciggies! It's wonderful that you are still getting some fruit from the garden! I also always get a thrill from seeing what crops/blooms this late; it is like an extra treat until the frost comes. Enjoy!

Kellee said...

See you have changed the picture on your header it is looking very autumnal.glad to hear your feeling better.

W. Latane Barton said...

So proud of you to laying those cigarettes aside. Been there, done that.

You take care of yourself, friend, and get to feeling better very soon.

The garden is always a wonder to me. still producing some great looking eatable.

nic@nipitinthebud said...

the autumn raspberries just won't let go of summer will they. What a nice surprise in your strawberry bed.
Hope your return to full health soon.