Birthday Musings from the Great Wall of China, the Camino and the Northern Lights

So another birthday reached, maybe not regarded  as a milestone  one but, every year is a milestone now as they seem to come around quicker and quicker!                                                   I began thinking of a bucket list a few years ago, having been lucky enough to have travelled a bit I had seen a few places,such as Venice and New York where we visited ground Zero which at that point was still a hole in the ground, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
 One evening I opened FaceBook and there was an advert for trekking the Great Wall of China, something which I had always found fascinating from the time I could read about it, so I signed up, began training and duly set off with an organised group called Earths Edge on my birthday 2 years ago to undertake the adventure of a lifetime
Earlier this year I set off on another undertaking, walking the Camino in northern Spain, photo, I am standing on the steps of the cathedral de Santiago with my certificates and my pilgrim shell.
I did the last 100 klms from Sarria to Santiago, walking for 5 days to cover the  distance, I travelled alone but the camaradrie of the Camino saw me meet up with a lovely Australian lady and we walked together each day. The northern Spanish countryside is much like Ireland but we passed through villages which had buildings which had stood for hundreds of years bearing witness to a constant stream of pilgrims retracing the steps of St James. We reached Santiago and were very lucky to see the famous Botafumerio swinging across the ceiling of the cathedral
In 2 weeks time I set off on another adventure, to visit Iceland and hopefully see the Northern Lights (Aurora Boreallis. Weather conditions will dictate whether I get to actually see them or not as being a natural phenomenon they are not guaranteed to appear on the weekend I happen to be there.
I will share my experience and would love to hear from anyone who has been to Rejkavik and seen them


Nuala Dennehy said…
I've said it before Peggy and once again I need to say though I have'nt known you very long you are one amazing and inspiring woman.
I wish you the very best and fingers crossed you will get to see the northern lights.
Best wishes and happy birthday xx
Nuala Ryan Dennehy
Aisling White said…
So proud of you mam, you’re a complete inspiration to me. Right now I feel like life is kind of passing me by being at home with the kids, while everyone else is off on holidays and trips and adventures, nearly every few weeks it seems!
But because of you I know that it IS possible to put your children first by rearing them well, and then have time for myself to do the things I’d love to do... when the time is right. We don’t need everything right NOW, but we all need that dream to work towards.
I hope you had a lovely birthday, Mam. Enjoy Iceland! ❤️
(And mind your hair in that weather for ffs! ��)
Aisling xxx

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