Jack came to the allotment with me on  Wed, it was sunny but cool. I told Jack there was pirates treasure buried in one of the raised beds and it kept him occupied for ages digging!
One side of the overgrown plot had been dug over by a mini digger and sods were piled up roughly around the edges.
I spent the time digging a trench around the edges and sinking some tiles I had found languishing in my shed at home, hopefully it will deter some of the skutch grass roots from finding their way onto the plot, fingers crossed anyway!
We bought some plants to fill up a pot which we found buried under the grass, they are to attract and feed the bees who live.....
here at the end of the line of plots! The Beekeeper paid for the plot just to keep one hive on it, I hope it will be a case of live and let live for the summer months. The bees seem to be dormant at the moment with just the odd one buzzing around.
The weather has changed drastically today with strong winds and lashing rain so work planned for the weekend will have to be put on hold.


PeggyR said…
Flowers are pretty! No way we can put anything in the ground yet. Weathermen say end of May is safe!
Peggy said…
PeggyR,I have heard Ohio mentioned quite a bit on TV due to Inclement weather?!better to wait than have the plants shrivel up and die
Peggy said…
Scarlett, thanks for that rapturous welcome! I am going to try to make time to blog at least 3 times a week, that is the plan anyway.
you sly thing, you.... pirates treasure my foot. But, he fell for it and it worked so who am I to complain about success?
Nothing like having a little helper to keep you company while doing some gardening.
Peggy said…
Hi Latane, how are you? I'm sure you have also used such subterfuge through the years, as you say it works!
Peggy said…
Jennifer, his older brother Kevin was my right hand man for years but now at the grand old age of ten its no longer cool to be on the plot!

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