Autumn is here!

I cannot believe I have not blogged since 31st July?! Where do the days and weeks go?
Being very busy on all fronts takes up a bit of time but I have been on the plot and I have to say after such a late start we are very happy with our veg from the 'new' allotment. There is no point in back tracking so this is Mondays harvest, courgette,sweetcorn,globe artichokes and tomatoes and a few raspberries also.
The 3 courgette plants had romped away producing to such an extent we were giving them away and had done all we could with them.The plants had grown to ginormous size at this point and then stopped producing.
I cut back all of the huge old leaves, leaving only the newer ones at the top of the plant, fed them with the Comfrey tea and lo and behold they are now producing again at a much slower pace I might add, each plant now has two fruits and some new flowers.

The courgette bed after being stripped, you can see how much they grow in length from the base!

The leeks are being weeded (slowly) they had almost disappeared in the weeds, 2 rows have now been done and earthed up for the first time.

Our sunflowers are really tall and skinny at about 5 to 6 feet and this is the first one to come into flower, last Mon this is it just opening
This morning!
I have dug out the winter onion bed and its been watered and left to settle for a few days before planting the overwintering Senshyu onions.
I tried to buy these online last night in the Mr Middleton online store but it kept refusing my card saying the number and the card did not match?! I have had a problem on this site before.
I bought them locally today and I was surprised to see the Senshyu is also available in a red variety!Will I dig out another bed........


Marie T said…
Hi Peggy!
everything is looking smashing on your new ground, I think it will be a few weeks before I'm eating sweetcorn at the rate things are going here but swimming in a sea of tomatoes so I can't complain!All this glutenous mass does make you a much better cook...
chat soon,
Peggy said…
Hi Marie, definitely gluts of anything sends you Googling frantically for recipes!
Ann said…
Glad to hear you had a good season on the allotment, they weather was a big help this year, a good summer at last. I had my best year yet for brassicas though my courgette didn't do as well as yours. This summer certainly went fast, I suppose because it was so late starting. Wonder what sort of winter we'll get this time.

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