Unbelievable sight out on the allotment today! This is just one (forefront) of our 5 rhubarb  plants bursting into new life.I should have covered them just in case of severe frost but it was a quick visit and I was caught for time, hopefully I won't  regret the decision!
The whole reason of the visit was to pull the remains of the Brussels sprout plants to give to the hens to nibble for greens.
It was a beautiful bright and sunny day , a complete contrast to yesterday when we had to drive with lights on ALL day!

 I just had time for a quick look around and I was amazed at the new growth breaking through, above some daffodils
 In the same bed which was a new 'dig' last autumn are lots of daffs and some new off shoots of our globe artichoke.They have all taken root and are looking great, even the weeds are awakening from their overwintering!
The over wintering onions have put on a growth spurt since I was out before Christmas,  this photo was taken at a bad angle and does not show them off at  their best, they are probably all about a foot high still under the protection of the netting to keep the birds and everything else at bay.
After being out there and feeling the Spring sap rising I think I am beginning to think of seed planning !

It will have to wait for a few days as I am off to London tomorrow for a couple of days R&R.  D.Aisling won a competition on author Wilbur Smiths website (she is his No 1 fan), each of 40 winners and their +1 (me in this case) have been invited to attend THE IVY restaurant in London for the great man's 80th birthday celebrations and the launch of his early years collection. Wilbur Smith will be in attendance  so some serious hero worshipping will take place as some winners are even travelling from America  for the event!


Anna Bee said…
Hi Peggy -
Enjoy your trip to London - it sounds fabulous! Just wanted to say thanks for the mention in 'From the ground up' - I got quite a surprise when I came to that page. You have motivated me to get blogging again in case of visitors!
Matron said…
That is exciting! Your rhubarb is up already AND you are visiting London! Enjoy yourself!
Peggy said…
Hi Anna,we all need motivation myself included as I've not been blogging of late either!
Peggy said…
Hi matron, back from London had a ball! You also got honourable mention in the above book mentioned by Anna, I cited both of your blogs as worth reading!
Why I garden... said…
Your rhubarb is keen! I'll have to check mine. I forgot to mulch it so will have to give it some nourishment. Hope you have a good trip to London.
Marie said…
What an exciting start, Peggy! I can't wait to get started myself. We are having a hard freeze right now, and as soon as that is over I plan to put some seeds out in the grow house. I still have lettuce left over from last fall, and have it covered! :-)
Von said…
Just found this site. Love the pictures will be back again
Marie said…
Your spring growth is so exciting! I can't wait to trust there won't be anymore freezes here...soon! How was London and the event? You'll have to post about that. How wonderful your daughter was a winner in the writing contest!

Just realized I'd already commented! :-)
Rachel K said…
Looking forwards to seeing more pictures as spring comes into bloom. I'm so excited about getting out and planting in my new veg garden and love looking at what others are doing! :O)

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