Plotting for Christmas

 I went out to the plot today, it was bleak, windy and wet and I was the only one there! I gathered most of the sprouts and some of our Rosemary.The sprouts were divided up between 3 houses for Christmas dinner and there are still quite a few left on 5 plants that are producing.
Rosemary is going wild as I keep forgetting it is there! Garlic and Rosemary roasties for dinner.
The carrots in the barrel did not make the grade for dinner, lots of green growth but minuscule carrots!I think I should have brought the barrel home to be close to hand for watering regularly.We have a bit  of upheaval coming up with the plot in the New year, explanations later!

 Some Christmas preparation at home, cranberry sauce made last night. I am not a lover of Cranberry sauce on my turkey but like it as more of a chutney!

Christmas cake iced, the 2 halves are D. Michelle's who divides a cake between 2 people who just like a little 'taste' of Christmas cake.The cake was almond iced then cut in 2 halves and iced and wrapped separately

D. Michelle and myself also visited Copenhagan for a Christmas Weekend, it was beautiful! The Danish fairytale capital of Hans Christian Anderson.
I would like to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and New Year


PeggyR said…
Your preparations look good! Merry Christmas!
Peggy said…
Thanks Peggy, happy Christmas to you also!
So good to see you on here. Been missing you. Those sprouts look mighty tempting! and the cake! yum. I hope your Christmas is happy, dry, and full of fun. Merry Christmas
Why I garden... said…
Hope you had a happy Christmas and best wishes for 2013! Kelli
Marie said…
It sounds like you had an amazing Christmas! May God's blessings be with you and your family all this coming year!
PeggyR said…
Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Glad you like my wall hanging. I enjoy swapping and receiving, but this is large so wanted it for myself.

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