I have'nt felt the need to post so soon for a while! While online looking at a website I followed a link to a blog which sounded as if it was garden related,sure enough it was and it is Irish! I suppose I have become a little disillusioned with the lack of fellow garden bloggers in Ireland to exchange ideas and /or advice, apart from one or two, garden bloggers seemed to be rather thin on the ground (pardon the pun)!
 This particular post is amazing as it highlights food waste particularly and an amazing event coming up to bring it home to people, read and enjoy!
Irish food/garden blogger


Dee Sewell said…
Thanks so much Peggy! Looking forward to reading your posts :)
Why I garden... said…
Shame about all the spam you're getting; it can be so annoying. The website you recommended looks very good.
Anonymous said…
stopped by your blog for a visit and discovered you're still having spam probs...checked out the Irish blog you suggested, like the fact that they're involved in the effort to not waste food...there's so much waste in this country...food is high on the list there is some effort here to get food from where it isn't needed to where it is needed, but not nearly enough of an effort...see you on Facebook
PeggyR said…
Thanks for posting on my blog. Hope you are doing well.
Marie T said…
Hi Peggy!
like you I'm always on the look out for fellow Irish garden bloggers. Dont worry you are not alone!!! I am at www.bloodsweatandpeas.blogspot.com

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