No Surplus Here!

I will start with the heart warming sight of the first decent harvest I brought home this year, it was over a week ago and we have now returned to wind and rain.

Kathryn is off work for a few days and has been pottering in the allotment, she sent me this pic today of the courgettes which look as if they are finally getting their act together.

The first of the trial tomatoes are just beginning to turn red. it may be unfair to judge them solely on performance this year but Kathryn picked the red one and was disappointed with the taste. It may very well be back to the old reliables next year.

We have 10 cauliflower plants and had all but given up on them and then discovered 8 of them are producing florets! yeah!!

The lettuce plants have been under plastic for weeks and put in a spurt of growth at last. I planted another lot of them to have a continuation of salads

The sweet corn have taken to allotment life with a flourish, these were kept in pots at home until nearly the end of June, I thought they had given up but when we planted them out I brought compost from home which had plenty of chicken manure and it seems to have done the trick.These pics were taken over a week ago when we had a few dry (ish) days hence the water hose.They have not needed any extra watering this week!

Strawberries continue to crop despite the weather even though a lot of them had mould I think it is botrytis a mould which affects soft fruits in the conditions we have been having.A lot of our raspberries suffered the same fate. Our fruit bed is going to get a complete overhaul once harvesting is finished as it is very crowded now.We started out with 4 raspberry canes, they have now almost taken over half the bed crowding in our blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes.


Willow said…
Normally we would have alot of veggies this time of the year, but not so this year. We have been hit with too much rain and heat. The only thing we are having an abundance is banana peppers.
Matron said…
Finally we are getting some sort of Summer and the veggies are getting going. Those are late strawberries, what variety are they?
Peggy said…
matron, I dont know! We have been taking runners from existing plants for years and now dont know what we started with.
Why I garden... said…
Your harvest looks good. I'm struggling to get much. Ate my first courgette last night. Quite slim pickings so far this year for me. Hoping for a late Summer glut!
Peggy said…
Why I garden,(Kelli)very slim ppickings all round we can only keep our fingers crossed for some if any improvement!
Marie said…
I have gotten terribly behind in answering comments and looking at posts, and I am awake in the middle of the night tonight, thinking I will spend an hour or so on my computer and hopefully get sleepy again! :-) This is such a lovely first harvest Peggy! I had a great success this summer with my squash, in spite of the intense heat (and earlier in the summer had quite a few cucumbers as well). For an update on my garden, see my latest post. Glad you are beginning to see some wonderful results!

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