Sunshine in Cork!

 Sunshine has finally come our way after record breaking  rainfall and a so far dismal summer.Not much news from the allotment as we have not been there a lot of the time apart from watering the greenhouse.                             Today I had to go into the city, not a very lengthy journey ( 10 mins by car)but I am allergic to traffic jams, trying to get parking etc so only venture in when I have to!   The city fathers are dealing with cutbacks in funding from central  government but the flower displays around the city are stunning.These petunia towers looked fantastic near the river with our City hall in the background                                                        

In the garden this afternoon, I spotted this lupin coming through the greenery.I had forgotten all about it, it was bought last year at Bloom in Dublin and spent the winter languishing in its pot.It is Lupin Manhattan Lights

While inspecting the above I also spied this bare green spike and discovered it is another lupin spike of the same flower denuded of its buds by slugs!They have been out in force in the humid wet conditions of the last few weeks.

Next to my garden bench is a pot of petunias, fuchsias and lilies, all bought cheaply as tiny plug plants in Aldi. My cheerful Buddha seems to be enjoying the sun too and warming his wobbly bits!
So summer colour is coming into the garden which is recovering after the hen invasion of last year.
They are still in their enclosure at the end of the garden and I leave them out for a wander now and then when I can stay out to shoo them out of the flower beds!
Slugs, snails and rabbits have been busy out in the allotment and what the blight and bad weather have not damaged  they have.
We had to pull all of our onions as they were starting to rot from the continued wet and cold.We salvaged most of them and they are drying in the greenhouse.


Darla said…
Beautiful flower towers in your town! I wish I could grow lupines...slugs are awful!
cathy@home said…
Lovely flowers in your part of the world my garden is looking a little dry at the moment.
Ann said…
Nice to see you are having sun at last, we are still waiting. The wet weather has put a virtual stop to any gardening for me and, as with you, the slugs and snails are out in force. Glad you got some of your garden back from your hens!
PeggyR said…
Nice that you are having sun! We have been crying for rain and cooler weather.
Kathleen said…
Love those towers of flowers in the city centre and have been meaning to photograph them for myself too but am always driving past them !They are a credit to the council.I have a "denuded"lupin too which I discovered too late to save from the slugs.They have left just the stalk.Hopefully it will come back to life next season.Your budda looks very well in his flowery perch!
Anonymous said…
so happy you're finally having sun Peggy! your flowers are beautiful! the slugs have really been busy, must be a struggle to keep them at bay with all the rain!
Why I garden... said…
We've had a few good days of sunshine as well, what a difference it makes! Although I was camping and not out in the garden. Your lupin is really fab!
PeggyR said…
Lovw your pictures. Trust me I don't like this 90 degree weather at all! Norm seems to be back to himself once again and I hope it lasts longer then 2 weeks, we both deserve it believe me.
Marie said…
Petunia towers! What a marvelous idea! They are so pretty! And I adore that beautiful lupin too. It's so big and beautiful....what a nice surprise!

Hope you were able to find some books on Abebooks that you liked! And thanks for your sweet comments, as always!

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