Sunday on the Plot

Sunday was beautiful and mild with bright sunshine, Kathryn and the two girls were on the plot early to begin the big dig, I arrived later and we set about transforming last years potato patch into this years onion beds, alliums follow pops in the rotational scheme of things.
It always amazes me that no matter how many times or how deep you dig you will always find more spuds that were missed and some still come up through the subsequent crop!

1st onion bed

In the foreground are the overwintering onions or what is left of them after the birds. The other beds have green manures and we can leave these beds for another few weeks.The lush green one is Landsberger,it did go in earlier than the other two which are sparse enough

Red Duke of York, a first early in their egg trays to 'chit' it is the method of sprouting the pops before planting to give them a head start. They are covered with the fleece to deter pests and in case of frosts.

The onion beds covered with netting in case the birds think they are worms peeping up!
Troy, good tolerance to bolting of medium flavour
Setton, high yielding ,long storage variety
Snowball, white, mild flavour and stores well


Red Gourmet, sharp strong flavour,
Jermor longue, true french long shallot, rose coloured flesh

Red Onion
Hyred, early cropping, mild flavour

I gave all of the beds a feed of Seaweed enhanced organic manure to give them a Spring boost.
We are still debating garlic maybe we would have better luck with a Spring planting variety than we have had with the Autumn planted ones in previous years.

The girls are bigger and stronger this year and wielded forks and rakes without a bother, Sinead moved wheel barrows of sods etc up to the dung heap in double quick time! They both planted up pots with primulas for a bit of colour on the plot.
There were a few plotters out in the sunshine whipping their plots into shape and it is nice to meet up with old friends again and discuss the new season.
Thank you for your comments on the previous post and one evening this week I will set aside to visit some old friends online.


Anonymous said…
what a beautiful day on your good to see you there getting everything ready for spring and summer!

I actually am growing some edibles on the patio this year...the yellow onions are coming along, as is the lettuce!
The work begins and soon we shall see you hoeing and weeding and then harvesting. Nothing better than digging in God's good earth.
Willow said…
Send them over to my house to work in my garden when you are done. HA!HA!

I can't wait to work in my garden. I am going to add two more raised beds to the ones we have now this year. Last year they did really well.
Why I garden... said…
Looks like you've been really busy in the garden this month. And great to have helpers. It looks really warm in your photos. We must have had all the cold weather further North as it was really cold on Sat and Sun in Co Antrim area.
Marie said…
Peggy! Welcome back! I've been looking for you, and am so glad to see your comment! The start of your new garden looks wonderful! I wish I had some seaweed to use as fertilizer. I love what you do with the potatoes over winter, getting them ready for spring. Glad you have lots of good help getting the garden ready!

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