New Year Clean Up

Happy New Year to everyone, I hope it has begun on a positive note for all of you.I thought I had better check in and let you all know I am still online when this computer allows me!
It has been going slower and slower over the past few months but has almost come to a standstill over the holidays...too much over indulging in festive spirit?
I have just spent hours deleting over 700 photos, many of them duplicates and also various files etc that I cannot even remember why I needed them in first place!I have cleaned up disc space and defragmented even though it is scheduled automatically
I have been trying to log on to some blogs over the holidays but sat waiting and waiting for them to load and got fed up and logged off yet again.
The computer has speeded up a bit with all of the cleaning but I think a trip to the computer Doc is overdue!


Anonymous said…
I think you may be right Peggy...the Computer Doc it is!

Believe it or not I will be mailing your 2011 Christmas Card and a Thank You Note to you tomorrow! I actually did go to PO before Christmas so I would have the right postage on my two cards that were going to different countries...there was a line out the door! Tomorrow there will be no line!

Hope your computer rescued from "sickness" soon!

Linda said…
Defragging, eh? Aren't you technical!
It's so very easy to accumulate photos on computer - you've reminded me that I should have a little spring clean myself.
Happy New Year to you!
sorting out photos is a good job done :o)
Get well soon 'puter x
Why I garden... said…
My computer gets really slow at times too. I have bought a mini portable hard drive to hold photos. My own little portable photo library.
Ann said…
Must be something in the airwaves, or whatever we call it these days, maybe cyberspace. Anyway, I didn't realise how many old emails I had on my computer, got rid of loads, unsubbed from newsletters I never read but must do a defrag!!!

Another thing I'm doing is real de-cluttering - again. This time I'm actually getting a fab craft cupboard that folds out and has loads of storage bins, can't wait for it to arrive. Once it is full the rest of the stuff in my craft room goes, I want neat this year!
cathy@home said…
that reminds me have to start to sort this computer out tomorrow.
Marie said…
So sorry you have been having trouble with your computer! I hope you have a good virus protection program in place, too! Hope things get better with it after a trip to the "Computer Doc." Happy New Year to you as well!
Willow said…
Happy New Year to you too. I have been there with the computer. Our Cousin who works on computers says it is good if you can return it to its original settings once a year, but make sure you backup things.
The Mulch said…
Hi Peggy,

Just checking out some of my old blog reads. I moved last year and the Cazaux days are over, since I had to hand back my allotment. Have recently started recreating my veg patch in my back garden and could do with some of your pearls of wisdom from time to time while I get things back up and running.

Hope you have some wonderful days over your plot in the run up to seeding frenzy.


The Mulch
don't you just hate sitting and waiting and waiting while the computer screen remains in outerspace. Hope the little beast soon becomes a lamb once more and let you enjoy it.
Matron said…
It doesn't seem to take long these days for computers to fill up with stuff and start running slower. grrrr

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