Pumpkins and the Plot

We have had gales and torrential rain...again!
These photos were taken on the 20th,so the pumpkins have probably grown somewhat by now.The 5 monsters are clearly visible now through the foliage and are like giant sunspots in the gloom.

The 3 on the top of the bank,Zwena plants pumpkins up here each year but this year is going to see record weights I think

This one is the same one in the header pic with Aoife.Zwena usually organizes a harvest day when all the pumpkins and gourds are freed from their foliage and weighed, the kids love all the excitement and seeing which one is the heaviest.
Zwena then divides up the booty to any of the children who want to make a really scary Halloween lantern.

Work on the plot is maintenance now for the winter, clearing beds and debris. The green manure on this bed shot up in a few days, I have since cleared the sweetcorn and bean beds and sown more green manure on them which should be up any day this week.

Our lone pumpkin which broke from its stem, I cleared the tomato plants from the greenhouse and put it in there to hopefully continue ripening in what little sunshine we will get.Its the White Ghost pumpkin but I think due to lack of heat and sunshine it has not developed its trade mark white top (yet)!

The colours of the Borage and calendula are stunning in the sunshine and I took a pic before clearing the whole lot!I am sure they will be back bigger and bolder next year somewhere on the plot!


Why I garden... said…
The pumpkins look wonderful! So great you've had such success with them. It's been extremely rainy and windy last few days. Suppose the rain is keeping the frost away.
PeggyR said…
We've had the wettest year on record with rain. I hope this doesn't mean we get a nasty winter! Love the pumpkins.
cathy@home said…
They look huge pumpkins.
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy...all the pumpkins are splendid! Green manure is such an easy way to get plant nutrition back in the soil for next years veggies an flowers. It's seems just yesterday you were beginning your planting and now it's time to clean the beds for next season. Excellent photos!
Willow said…
If I could I would come over and steal some pumpkins from you. They look wonderful.
Ann said…
Sorry to hear the weather has stopped you doing so much this year. Doesn't seem to have affected the pumpkins though.

My tomatoes were very late to ripen and I hardly got any courgettes, not one reached marrow size. But we had the best strawberry crop ever and our apples did really well. I wonder what this winter has in store for us.
Marie said…
Wonderful pumkin patch! What fun for the kids when it is all cleared out and the pumpkins are weighed! Sorry you are having heavy rains again. Hope all is well with you!
safemeds said…
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