Well Preserved

This pic was not even taken when I began this post! I was working on the computer when I happened to glance outside ,to see my plastic greenhouse lurching over to one side.We have the remnants of hurricane Katia sweeping the country today,while it is making landfall up the west and NW coastline we are getting some strong gusts of up to 90 klm and hour.
I went out to try to save the greenhouse but instead ran in for the scissors and cut off any tomatoes still on the plants as some of them had been broken and bent over.The uprights of the greenhouse had come apart so trying to set it right in this wind is a no go, time to take it down for the winter I think!
The hens are staying in the comfort of the hen house just looking out, they obviously do not like getting their feathers ruffled!

I had an idea to try making Piccalilli as we had lots of side shoots from our Broccoli, something which has benefited from the funny summer weather.
I remembered Matron had made it last year and found the recipe on her previous blog posts but matron has now brought it forward to a new post.
I had scribbled down the recipe and it turned out fine as I thought, it was all packed into jars but I thought the sauce was a bit on the watery side.
Some time later I turned over the piece of paper I had written it on and found the legend return to heat and stir until sauce thickens!
I mulled it over and decided to strain the sauce from the 3 jars then returned it to the heat and it thickened up nicely!Poured the sauce back into the jars and it looks and tastes OK so all was not lost.

Some tomatoes ripening on the windowsill with a banana decaying which has ripened them in a few days.
I am going to have to begin eating an awful lot of bananas to ripen what tomatoes I salvaged today!

The net total of our onion harvest, we have been pulling and using quite a few, especially ones which had started going to seed.There are shallots which are varying in size,some which I may use for pickling as they are very small.these will be put into net bags to store for as long as they last

More baking, a courgette,apple and cheese bread which was lovely, it stayed moist and tasty but it only lasted a day or two anyway it was so nice.

Courgette & Apple Bread
275grm/10oz Odlums SR Wholemeal Flour
175grm/6oz coarsely grated courgette
1 eating apple
2 eggs
4 tbls Olive Oil
50grm/2oz Cheddar cheese grated
salt & pepper
Using the all in one method put all ingredients into mixing bowl and stir until combined.Transfer to a greased loaf tin .
bake in a preheated oven 200%C, 400%F,gas 6 for 20 mins
Reduce temp to 180%C,350%F, Gas 4 for a further 20 mins
I had to leave it in for longer, maybe my oven!


Willow said…
Your preserves look so good and so does that cake.

When I want to ripen tomatoes I will put them in a brown paper bag with an apple and put the bag in a dark cabinet and they will ripen in time and all I have lost is one apple.
PeggyR said…
Everything you've done looks so good!
Kathleen said…
My newly acquired chimenea got smashed in the gales last night!I woke at 5.15 am after hearing a smash,thoughtit was something in the neighbours garden until I fixed my eye on the chimenea down below lying on its side,of course it was broken,I think the cover acted as a parachute for the wind and took off!The obelisk holding the sweet pea was uprooted and tilted but sweet pea are ok. And its only September yet!
have you tried fried green tomatoes, Peggy? I don't make them but sure do love eating them in a restaurant. Bet you could find a recipe online.
Matron said…
Hope you enjoy the picalilli! A useful way to use up extra Summer veg. Hope the hurricane didn't do too much damage to your plot.
Ann said…
That piccalilli looks delicious. I haven't preserved anything yet, our late start means there isn't much over this year.

We've had very strong winds here too, pots and tubs were blown everywhere.
Why I garden... said…
Sounds like you got some bad weather from that hurricane. I was lucky as don't seem to have any damage. I've been away (in Madeira, the garden island of Portugal) last 10 days so I'll have to catch up on your blog posts over the weekend. All the best, Kelli.
Anonymous said…
Wow you have been busy, the courgette and apple loaf sounds interesting will try and remember about it for later in the summer.
Peggy, thanks so much for stopping back by my blog! Yes, we had an awesome trip to Disney. I can't resist posting some more pics today before moving on to other things. Love your new header picture. Those leaves are HUGE! What kind of pumpkin is that? Cute little one. A grandaughter? Take care...

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