For All Those Born Before 1950!

We are all survivors,consider the changes we have witnessed.
We were born before television,penicillin,polio shots, frozen foods, Xerox,contact lenses,frisbees and the Pill.
We were before radar,credit cards, laser beams and ballpoint pens.
We were before panty hose,dish washers,clothes driers, electric blankets,air conditioners,drip dry clothing and man walking on the moon.
We got married first then lived together, how quaint can you be?!
We were before house husbands,gay rights, computer dating and dual careers.
We were before daycare centres, group therapy,shopping malls and nursing homes.
We had never heard of FM radio,tape decks, electric typewriters,artificial hearts,word processors, mobile phones,email,yogurt and guys wearing ear rings.
For us Time Sharing meant togetherness not computers or condominiums.
A Chip meant a piece of wood
Hardware meant hardware and software was not even a word.
In 1950 'made in Japan' meant junk and the term 'making out'referred to how you did in an exam or interview.
Pizza, Mc Donalds and instant coffee were unheard of.
In our day cigarette smoking was fashionable,grass was mown, coke was a cold drink and pot was a thing you cooked in.
Rock music was Grandma's lullaby and aids were helpers in the Principal's office
We were certainly not before the difference between the sexes was discovered but we were surely before the 'sex change'.
We made do with what we had and were the last generation that were so dumb as to think you needed a husband to have a baby.
But we survived ! What better reason to celebrate! Cheers!
The above was given to me by D.Aisling and as it is too wet to go out in the garden I thought I would share it with you.


Anonymous said…
hi Peggy...that includes me...born in '42...during THE war...can remember black out curtains, oleo margarine you had to mix the color into and ration was so different then...maybe not the "good old days" but certainly not as complicated as life is today. I like my cell phone but not texting...I like my computer...but no one emails any more often than they wrote letters...LOL
Matron said…
And me, a child of the 60s. Spent my childhood on the allotment handling worms and horse manure. No problem with germs! I grew up healthy because of all those antibodies!
Hahaha! Love it!
I was born in '63 and plenty of this is relevant to my generation too!
Oh geez, you are making me feel old. I was married in 1950.... so long ago.
Ann said…
I've been disappointed that life changed so much, I was looking forward to growing up and expected it to stay like it was in the '50s.
There is a lot that I like about the present day but there is also a lot I don't like at all.

I enjoyed the picture trip around Limerick.
Peggy said…
Theanne & Baron, everyone has a personal something to add to the list of things we grew up without, were we deprived? I don't think so, we learned to appreciate all the new technology and labour saving items we now have.

Matron, you have echoed something I have often said, everything is so sterile nowadays kids pick up infections etc so easily.

Scarlett, each generation has seen such leaps in technology and gadgets the mind boggles!

Latane,you could tell the young generation a thing or two, especially how to get through this recession and get back to basics!
Peggy said…
Ann,Limerick is a lovely city which appreciates its past and culture and is surrounded by the beautifull Shannon region and stunning coastline a few miles away.
I know how you feel, with all of these labour saving gadgets we seem to have less and less time to ourselves!

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