Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Polytunnel in place

The polytunnel is in place but the ground needs to be dug out and enriched before bringing out our tomato plants.They will not be ready for another few weeks anyway as they are incubating on one of the bedroom windowsills.
I had been on Done deal a while back looking for a polytunnel and after investigating various models re: prices etc I settled on one and when  I clicked into their website I found the company was based a few miles away from me!I phoned them up, got directions to their store and son Billy (who is growing with me again this year) did a road trip and picked up our tunnel for €129.00. We got it erected in about 2 hours on Sunday .The
measurements are in metres but it is approx 9'x6' in good old Imperial! If anyone is interested the company is based just outside Carrigtohill, Co Cork and their website is www.inthemarket.ie.
   The two raised beds are being replaced as the timbers are really rotted and while we would probably be able to use them this year, we may as well get the construction over and done with. While going to pick up the polytunnel we travelled on the old Cork to Waterford rd and passed a small business selling scaffolding boards for gardens!Stopped off the enquire and found untreated boards 8' long were € 4.50 and boards which were treated and finished in a brown colour were only €6 . They also had to be ordered as there is such a demand! Full marks to them for seeing a niche market as there must be thousands of these scaffolding boards lying around since the demise of the building boom of the Celtic tiger years!They were collected on Fri afternoon and the first raised bed was constructed this morning, this pic was taken on last Sunday.
Compare to the header photo, it is taken from roughly the same angle!


David Shinn said...

Nice to see another allotment emerging from the undergrowth.
I now describe my blog as intermittent as an excuse for not posting on it regularly.
had though about having a polytunnel but we now have a free greenhouse shared between the seven of us,although there could be a fight for space as the season progresses!

Theanne Crossett said...

Hi Peggy...you're just an amazing woman...dancing at night and digging in your garden by day...I love it!!! Your garden is looking fabulous as usual! Do you still have your chickens?

Peggy said...

David, thanks for stopping by and leaving an encouraging comment re the intermittent blogging, I like it!

Peggy said...

Hi Theanne, I'm not sure if you have left your blog as intermittent also?! I can talk to you on facebook anyway, good to see you are still keeping busy.