Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sunny Afternoon

 Kevin and myself went out to the allotment on Fri afternoon, it was not just sunny but absolutely roasting! I watered all the plants in the greenhouse and it felt like a sauna. The tomatoes are ripening slowly.Harvest included:
2 courgettes
Small Red Duke of York potatoes
2 cucumbers
some french beans & small tomatoes
blackcurrants,strawberries,red gooseberries & blueberries.The strawberries and cherry tomatoes went to Jack who eats them like sweets!.Not enough fruit to make a summer pudding so the gooseberries & blackcurrants were added to apples to make a summer fruit tart.The blueberries go on my cereal in the morning.
The long green plant at the top of the photo is a Brussels sprout plant gone to seed, the 4th of 10 to go.It was brought home to the hens and I tied it to the fence.Within a very short time it was a skeletal shape hanging from the fence! Waste not want not.

Kevin noticed some of the globe artichokes and asked to take some home?! I asked if he had eaten them before and he said his Mom (Aisling) had shared some with him and he liked them! 3 of these were added to the harvest after the photo was taken.These are old plants and the outside leaves are inclined to be woody so we are digging them out and replacing with some new off shoots from the existing plants.I usually just bring them to the boil in salted water but Aisling added lemon juice to the water for a little extra oomph.

Our 3 aubergine plants in the greenhouse are some of Suttons trial grafted plants. They are producing well, we have had 3 so far and there are quite a few more developing. I noticed one plant seemed to be a lot taller than the others and when I investigated closer I discovered this growing out and up from the grafted root stock!
It is nearly as tall as Kevin, and looks suspiciously like a tomato plant from the leaves and there is a little yellow flower on Kevin's hand which could be a tomato blossom?! A sucker or side shoot?!
The taste of the tomatoes seem to be improving as they get some heat and sunshine


Jo said...

OMW, Peggy, how good to see you on Blogger again! You've been in my thoughts recently so it's glad I am to see your post. What a wonderful harvest you have. Hope you're enjoying a great weekend. (((Hugs))) Jo (PS we recently [June] spent two weeks in your part of the world, on the Isle of Man - I did numerous posts on the trip that month)

Why I garden... said...

You're getting some nice harvests. I'm finally getting courgettes. Still waiting on tomatoes to ripen. Potatoes have been very small so far. Not the best year for my veg. Good to see what you're getting!

Kellee said...

I am pleased to hear you are getting some hot weather, that will encourage the tomatoes to colour up nicely.

Theanne said...

wonderful produce Peggy...finally you're enjoying the fruits of your labors. I love it that Kevin likes artichokes! I never had them till I was a grownup...not something my Mom planted in our garden.

Matron said...

I love home grown artichokes but I find it impossible to keep the blackfly off them!

Marie said...

I would like to try to grow some artichokes. Glad your grandson likes them. I think kids learn to love veggies when they help with a garden like yours. Beautiful sunny day!