Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Polytunnel in place

The polytunnel is in place but the ground needs to be dug out and enriched before bringing out our tomato plants.They will not be ready for another few weeks anyway as they are incubating on one of the bedroom windowsills.
I had been on Done deal a while back looking for a polytunnel and after investigating various models re: prices etc I settled on one and when  I clicked into their website I found the company was based a few miles away from me!I phoned them up, got directions to their store and son Billy (who is growing with me again this year) did a road trip and picked up our tunnel for €129.00. We got it erected in about 2 hours on Sunday .The
measurements are in metres but it is approx 9'x6' in good old Imperial! If anyone is interested the company is based just outside Carrigtohill, Co Cork and their website is www.inthemarket.ie.
   The two raised beds are being replaced as the timbers are really rotted and while we would probably be able to use them this year, we may as well get the construction over and done with. While going to pick up the polytunnel we travelled on the old Cork to Waterford rd and passed a small business selling scaffolding boards for gardens!Stopped off the enquire and found untreated boards 8' long were € 4.50 and boards which were treated and finished in a brown colour were only €6 . They also had to be ordered as there is such a demand! Full marks to them for seeing a niche market as there must be thousands of these scaffolding boards lying around since the demise of the building boom of the Celtic tiger years!They were collected on Fri afternoon and the first raised bed was constructed this morning, this pic was taken on last Sunday.
Compare to the header photo, it is taken from roughly the same angle!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Jack came to the allotment with me on  Wed, it was sunny but cool. I told Jack there was pirates treasure buried in one of the raised beds and it kept him occupied for ages digging!
One side of the overgrown plot had been dug over by a mini digger and sods were piled up roughly around the edges.
I spent the time digging a trench around the edges and sinking some tiles I had found languishing in my shed at home, hopefully it will deter some of the skutch grass roots from finding their way onto the plot, fingers crossed anyway!
We bought some plants to fill up a pot which we found buried under the grass, they are to attract and feed the bees who live.....
here at the end of the line of plots! The Beekeeper paid for the plot just to keep one hive on it, I hope it will be a case of live and let live for the summer months. The bees seem to be dormant at the moment with just the odd one buzzing around.
The weather has changed drastically today with strong winds and lashing rain so work planned for the weekend will have to be put on hold.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Back to Basics

 New season, new allotment! I have been a very lazy Blogger and then became a very absent Blogger. I cannot believe how long it is since I logged in.I have debated with myself whether to even bother continuing with the blog as it is easier to FB photos as I take them, and Blogger has not gotten any easier since the last time I used it.
As regular readers will know I left the Hydro Farm allotments where we had a plot for 6 years and where I began plotting and blogging.D. Kathryn moved so S.Billy came in with me and we took a plot nearer to home, got it into shape and productive but had a few problems and again thought of giving the whole thing up but have now moved to another allotment in the same area more or less and will give plotting and blogging another 'go'.
 It is a very secure site but some very overgrown plots on it, we picked one and then discovered there were two raised beds buried beneath the grass ( see header pic) We cleared one bed and covered it with enviromesh to heat up a little before planting carrots in here.
 Potatoes are the first crop to go in and we were running out of time as the wet weather curtailed our time on the plot and clearing skutch grass and picking out the roots is slow work.
We got there and the last of the spuds went in on Easter Monday! We haven't given over too much space to them just enough to taste our own home grown ones.There are 5 different varieties, Charlotte, a second early and Setanta, Pink Fir apple and 2 blight resistant Sarpos (Mira & Axona)
 How often will I update the blog ? Hopefully more regularly than last season!