Monday, August 6, 2012

Something to Take Home

Harvest for today, the camera makes it look bigger than it actually is.Some of the cauliflower is turning pink and the heads are separating into florets so they are being picked and eaten as is.Carrots from the barrel were divided between myself and Kathryn.Lots of lettuce still going strong.There are onions from the lot drying in the greenhouse and some french beans.The half pot of Red Duke of York were on the small side ,the larger ones were about the size of an egg!

The darker soil at the top of the bed is where the bumper crop of spuds in the pot came from! About 9 stalks would have been here before the blight hit them, some of the potatoes were tiny not even marble size but so far no blight down into the potato.

The carrots in the barrel were varying sizes also and none of them huge even though they would have weathered out the worst of the weather in the cold greenhouse

 The Elegance tomatoes photographed through the greenhouse window, they are a good size but no sign of any of them ripening as yet.
 The lavender plants will be removed and replaced this year as they have grown quite leggy now after 4 years.I was going to bring a bunch home but there was a heavy rain shower before I could pick them
I decided to cut back nearly all of the leaves on the tomato plants to get as much sunlight as possible on to them, hopefully they will ripen in the next couple of weeks

Broccoli and turnips under netting as rabbit damage is getting out of hand.

The leaf shorn tomatoes!

Just to finish on a bright note our little plant pot man is sitting quite content in his flower bed surrounded by poppies and sweet williams.


PeggyR said...

Everything looks so good!

Kathleen said...

Well from middle of next week we are supposed to get high those tomatoes might just change colour!

Jason Dingley said...

I would be content if I was that little plant pot man. He looks to have a beautiful garden to admire. The harvest look wonderful, I love variety in a harvest photo, particularly the little red potatoes.

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

That is a nice harvest. My tomatoes have just started to produce as our Spring was long and wet, and the hot summer weather has just turned on.

CiNdEe said...

Hi Peggy,
Love your pot man(-: Your veggies look wonderful too(-: Always so nice to have fresh veggies to eat. I think that is true about the young hens that lay double yokes. I have heard that also. I rarely would get a double one from a mature hen.

Matron said...

I'm doing the same to try to ripen my tomatoes, it has been a bad year.

Theanne said...

love your "pot man" cute! your veggies look delicious...beautiful tomatoes, hope they ripen soon! happy the potato blight didn't extend to the potato itself!

and how are the hens...doing well I hope!

Marie said...

Wonderful harvest! I am so jealous of your plants are still just trying to grow! And that plant pot man is so cute!