Saturday, June 23, 2012

June update

 We have not had  much time on the allotment due to continueing bad weather and a busy few weeks otherwise.
It must be the worst June for decades and despite wind and rain we have had our potatoes wiped out by blight!
Blogger puts me off trying to upload photos in any order and these are very hit and miss, and I find I cannot put text where I want to!
First pic we moved out the grafted plants out to the greenhouse where they have thrived

I did have a photo of the tomatoes on the Elegance tomato plants but I dont know where it has gone to??!!They have grown great but I do find they can sprout side shoots at a fantastic rate and keep growing them even after pinching them out time and time again.
The cucumbers are midi sized and there are three on each of the three plants

Looking back at my previous post at the photo of our red duke of York potatoes coming through back in May nearly made me cry because this is what they look like now after cutting back the stalks since they were  being hit by blight.
Peter and Anglea on our next door plot have the only perfect unblemished potatoes on the whole allotment, he bought blight free seed from Mr Middletons and I think we will all be buying from there next year

Mallow Homes and garden festival is on over next weekend and we have a 'show' garden  as usual.this is it in its embryo stage today when we had got started in heavy rain, hopefully over the next few days it will take shape and not be a mud bath by next Friday!

My sister Kathleen and myself paid our annual trip to Bloom in the Phoenix park in Dublin over the June bank holiday weekend only this year we went over night and got to spend the whole day there.The first day was a washout but the saturday we were there was sunny and warm until late afternoon.We got our pic taken with Nevin Maguire one of our top celebrity and TV chefs who is also a really nice down to earth guy.

I was called up on stage with another 'volunteeer' to make spun sugar baskets!I got to keep my rather miss shapen basket and also got a signed cookery book and a Bosch blender for my performance

Blue skies and sunshine! Kathryn and the kids spent a sunday on the plot and instead of taking the strawberries home they brought up the ice cream and eat on site, this is Stephen tucking in!

Eldest son Kevin is gone to Uganda for 6 months with the army as part of the UN mission, this is him straddling the equator.
Some of the happenings to date, we have also spent 3 days in Bristol attending my aunt's funeral.
Nothing seems to be growing normally on the plot this year, carrots put in in March failed to put in an appearance despite being covered with fleece.
We have now put in 6 courgettes, normally 2 is more than enough but they keep dying off in the cold!
The brassicas are doing well but slug vigilance has had to be stepped up as they seem to be out in force.


Theanne said...

wow Peggy what a struggle with your sorry about the potatoes and carrots, homegrown carrots are so good...sweet, tender.

and you've been quite busy...lots of goings and comings...prayers for the young man going to Rwanda...for his safe arrival and his safe return!

Willow said...

So sorry to hear about the weather. We have been having some unusal weather here in the States too. Hot and than cold. I am not sure if Mother Nature knows what season it is. I have never heard of a spun sugar basket. When you get time you will have to tell us.

Also sending prayers for your Son.

Lauren Colie said...

I'm so sorry about your potatoes but I'm glad I found your blog! Best of luck with your troubles, dear!

Scarlett Cannon - Heavenly Healer Glamorous Gardener said...

It's a rubbish year isn't it - I am normally taking food home from the plot to eat by now but it's very slow and very scarce this year. Things are growing, but unbearable slowly. I've also lost seed sowings, washed away in the rain, and had to re-sow and re-sow again. Peas and beans eaten by slugs, which have reappeared in droves after a relatively slug-free 2011.
PAH! What can we do??!!!!

Kellee said...

Hi Peggy our weather here in NZ is cold and miserable too, I have been hibernating in front of the fire for weeks. love your new header it is so bright and cheery. Looks like you had a wonderful day out with your sister and some extra goodies to take home to boot, hope the weather improves for you.

Why I garden... said...

Sorry to hear about the potato blight. I agree the weather has been very bad and has made it difficult to grow. I've noticed that carrots I sowed in May have surpassed those planted in March. Most of my crops didn't like the March or April sowings and I've had to re-sow most things. Hopefully July and Aug will be decent in Ireland!

Barbarapc said...

How discouraging about the crop failure. We start the season with such high hopes. Let's hope the new seed source works perfectly for you next year. Knowing that you can get an extra seeding of lettuce in during the continuing cool weather is little comfort.

It's all buckets of sunshine and heat and no rain at all for us. Goodness knows who we've traded our weather with. Lovely, but odd.


Matron said...

Your cucumbers are well ahead of mine. I really like the midi sized cucumbers, much more practical for one meal instead of having left over bits hanging round.

Marie said...

Oh, Peggy, I am so sorry you lost your potatoes! The cucumbers look lovely. Things will surely get better.

I'm glad you got to go on stage and make the spun sugar basket! I enjoyed seeing the photo of your son straddling the equator also! I need to show that to my grandson....we have been studying latitude and longitude this summer together as well as some other fun things.