Monday, July 26, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend!

What a weekend!I met Matron on Friday in Cobh on a stop over from a British Isles cruise.The Queen Victoria came into Cobh which was once named Queenstown in her honour.Cobh was the last port of call for the ill fated Titanic.
I will just give very short comments as the pics will tell the tale (s)
I got an unusual pic of the liner, the tiny tug busy tying up the ropes to keep the ship at the deepwater quay and the Brittany Ferries ship the Pont Aven passing by on her way to dock at the ferryport in Ringaskiddy.
I met matron and we set off for Blarney Castle on the outskirts of Cork City.This is the famous stone,which is a lintel stone high above the ground.The attendant holds the victim while they lie down and reach out backwards to kiss the stone,Matron did but I didn't!

We strolled around the spacious grounds of mature woodlands, this area is known as the Rock Close but my children always called it the Witch's garden! It is full of ferns and stone formations including Wishing steps and witches kitchen! Matron is studying the Dolmen which is reputed to shift from time to time!The rain jackets had to be donned as there was a light mist falling while we were there.
We continued to the allotments and a quick visit to Cork City before returning To Cobh.

On Sat night I was at my niece Claire's 21st birthday party.Great night had by all!
The cake had to be photographed, it was so pretty and unusual .It is a replica make up bag complete with make up bottles etc made from sugar icing!

Sunday we had a family BBQ in blazing sunshine in Robert's Cove, Rob was only one chef.....
for many....
...many mouths!
Sunday night it was dancing in Clonmore Co Tipperary to Finbarr Dennehy

The place was packed to capacity and people danced the night away!
I will have time to read up on all the blogs I have missed out on later on this evening, I will also post more pics with more info the relevant links.

Footnote, I had not been on my blog all weekend and when I did go on today I noticed my background had disappeared and I had a 'floaty' text box referring to Photobucket.I thought it was merely a glitch until just now when I read on Lynda's blog that she has exactly the same thing!


Kathleen said...

What a whirlwind weekend that was!I did not think you would make the dancing on Sun.night having seen pics on Finbarrs site earlier but I should have known you better!The bar b q looks great lucky ye had blazing sunshine,my lot were in the recovery position most of the day though I was fine after a night on the H20!

PeggyR said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time! Norm comes home end of the week, so maybe we can start doing a few things again.

Ann said...

You had a busy, fun weekend by the looks of it Peggy!

I've noticed that photobucket thingie of several blogs I've visited, wonder what it is???

FoodFunFarmLife said...

You have been busy, Peggy and having a lovely time by the looks of it - that birthday cake is very unusual, I really like it ! (Am copying here what I put on my blog for you ...) I have managed to find out what the problem is with the floating box error message-my blog background came from 'The Cutest Blog On The Block' & they apparently removed the background from their server, which caused the annoying floating box to pop up. So I have now had to change my background - well, am still working on it but for now at least the error message/box is gone. All you need to do, is to change your background too. Try or do a Google search for 'blog backgrounds'.

Scarlett the Heavenly Healer said...

How great to meet up in person with fellow bloggers. How lovely to have some full roast sunshine.

Peggy said...

Kathleen, I am spending a very quiet week, bed early every night to make up for it!

PeggyR: I am delighted Norm is well enough to come home and you can get some normality back in your life.

Ann,I have not had time to go on blogs and my own was the first I had seen it on, Lynda expains in comments!

Foodfunfarm; thanks lynda, I got a background in Blogger which will have to do for now.I had Cutest blog on the block also.

Scarlett; It was lovely to meet Matron in person and I enjoyed showing her a little bit of Cork.

Matron said...

I had such a great time. Now I'm home I have to look up how to cook with the 'carageen' I bought in the English market in Cork!