Monday, March 22, 2010

Home Front Seed Update

Kevin and myself have spent hours on the plot over the weekend but I had forgotten my camera so no pics as yet, I am doing an update on all of the seeds growing at home.There are seeds on the bedroom windowsill, the plastic greenhouse and some which are hardening off. I am not planting any seeds too far ahead as they will be late if anything going out this year.It is reckoned growth is up to 4 weeks behind and having seedlings in pots too long is not a good idea unless they are meant to stay in pots and have ample room as such.First pic is Winter gem a cos lettuce, these will probably grow on in this tub and are doing well so far.
Hardening off onions,mange tout and dwarf green beans, I will keep an eye on the root systems and if they begin getting pot bound I will put them out on the plot with a fleece covering as we can have frost for a few weeks yet.
In the greenhouse Spring onions planted in bunches,cabbage and cauliflower seedlings. I watered them with a very weak solution of seaweed extract on sat.
Spinach in a tub, I may leave them here or put them out to the greenhouse on the plot as I have a bed ready there now, pics of that in a few days.
Spring onions, one is Purplette a red salad onion which can be pulled small or left grow on.
The leeks are looking thin and wan but then they take off in their own time!
Flowers on the windowsill, french marigold,calendula and anthirrinum.The French marigold were only set on Sat the others have been growing for a while.The anthirrinum seedlings are tiny!
Seeds set on sat were, Gardener's Delight,Moneymaker,100's & 1000's,red peppers and Calabrese.They are set in plastic tubs I had been saving over winter, these are fruit tubs from Aldi or the local supermarket.They are nice and deep with drainage holes already in and a lid which makes the whole thing a ready made mini propagator. Three of them without lids fit neatly in a seed tray and the cover fits over the three together.
A close up of one of the tubs, they are ideal for planting a few seeds at a time.I am not planting all of the seeds in a packet anymore, learned my lesson when faced with all those seedlings needing repotting!Better to sow a few every 4 or 5 weeks than to have a glut of the same veg at the same time.Six of any tomato plant is loads and we will probably just grow on two of the strongest of each variety at the most.
Lots of house keeping done on the plot but will update on that in a few days.


Bangchik said...

Lovely, having them in potting pots, putting where ever we like. Cute little things. I tried lettuce many times, but fail each time. Any tips?

Ann said...

What a good idea with those clear plastic containers, ready made propagators. Know what you mean about sowing full packets of seed, wish I could buy half packets or find someone to share with.

Peggy said...

Bangchik, I think lettuce needs planty of manure/compost, heat and water, they need fast growth and the slugs love it!

Ann, I have seeds left over since last year, once I open a packet I put them in an airtight container (Ziplock bag or Tupperware)in the end of the fridge, they have all germinated for me this year. Parsnip seed are the only ones recommended to buy fresh each year.

eric @ my First Garage said...

Wow, you've got a lot of starts! I'm just about to begin all mine. But first I had to build my seed boxes, (see blog) as I didn't have enough plastic containers for every variety I want.