Friday, February 12, 2010

St Valentine

Valentines Day as everyone knows is celebrated on 14th February.It is a a huge money maker for cash strapped stores in the lean period after Christmas, cards flowers and cuddly toys etc are bought and given all over the world to loved ones or soon to beloved ones hopefully!
The 'saint'has more or less been dropped from the name in the interest of global commercialism but a saint there is and the remains/relics of Saint Valentine are reputed to be in a Church in Dublin Ireland!
It is the Carmelite Church in Whitefriars St in Dublin, St Valentine was martyred for performing catholic marriages in the 3rd century and was buried in Rome.A catholic priest was given permission to bring the remains to his own Church in Dublin in the mid 19th century. It was largely unknown until a shrine was built in the 1950s and since then there has been a steady stream of visitors requesting favours of the heart from the saint.
There is a video in Youtube but it cannot be embedded so to view you will have to go to youtube and search for St Valentine Dublin or Google St Valentine Dublin for a list of sites with pictures and story
A Happy St Valentines day to everyone!

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Ann said...

Very interesting. It just used to be an occasion for kids to send secret Valentines but, like many things these days, there is money to be made out of it as you say.