Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Buttons Galore

I finished Callum's
aran jacket last week so today I went to the Cork Button Co. for the buttons. I said I would do a post about the button company some time ago so today I took my camera with me. Years ago aran cardis had leather buttons but I knew these would not be suitable for a child's one which would be washed quite a bit as the dye would eventually run into the wool so I got these lovely imitation look ones for an authentic look.
The button company is an institution even though a lot of Corkonians are not aware of its existence!No cards of buttons here they are all sold from tubes which line the walls.The Button company has moved home a number of times but has always remained in the same area of the city. This is the unimposing modern entrance so come inside to button heaven!
Buttons are grouped in colours and types all around the walls, jewelled and plains and buttons are even dyed especially to order.
Some buttons are even Zworoski crystal. The staff are passionate about getting the right button and will spend ages with a customer to make sure you have exactly what you are looking for.Buckles of all shapes and sizes are also stocked.
Picture framing is another sideline as are all types of sewing 'notions'! Zips, threads, needles,knitting and crochet wools etc.
A side view of the shop with buttons stacked tightly in every available space
The side and end view, the sun was streaming in the window so the shop is in shadow, but you get the idea of button heaven inside.
This picture was made by the owner of the shop from what else but buttons!He used twigs to make the stems of the flowers, the picture is going to be restored and cleaned up.
When I asked to take photos the staff laughed and said it usually foreigners who ask to take photos.Some of them stumble on the shop as they walk around the city, others have heard about it and come looking for it. The shop has been mentioned on blogs by delighted customers. They do not have their own web site but have a page in the Golden pages where they would get a lot of their custom from. You can find that here
A link to a blog from an American living in Cork. The opening times are mentioned here but just to clarify the shop is now open on saturday mornings too
A link to blog of a tourist who set out to find the button company


Ann said...

What a fabulous shop - I've never seen so many buttons all in one place!!!

I love the Aran cardi, I've always been a great admirer of Aran knitting - lucky boy!

It's freezing cold again, we had snow flurries yesterday.

slaintecork said...

Thanks for the link, Peggy! It's wonderful they now have a few hours on Saturdays. I'll link back to you and update the hours in my post.


What an amazingly beautiful sweater. and oh my gosh would I have fun at a button store. That is almost as much fun as marbles!

Matron said...

What an amazing shop! That aran jumper will come in handy for this cold weather we are having! I'm visiting Cork (Cobh) this year in July so I might just make a point of looking out for that shop!

Callum's Blog said...
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Callum's Blog said...

Hi mam,
just got in and saw Callum's cardi. It's beautiful. He will be a handsome chappie with it on

Peggy said...

Ann, Ugh not more snow! My daughter and her husband are going to Edinburgh for Valentines weekend, that does not sound too good.

slaintecork: no problem I will be back to visit your blog as you seem to have found out so much about this city I have lived all of my life in!

sweetheartsmom, I know some people (like yourself) who would lose themselves in the button shop!

matron,if you sre coming to Cork in July please let me know and maybe we could meet up.The aran is for easter which is earlyhtis year and I am sure we will still be in our woollies!

Peggy said...

Callums blog: hi Bill I have visited theblog why nothing up since last year?!Glad you like the cardi

Veg and Flower Time said...

I'm sure Peggy you'll understand if I say buttons just don't do it for me :-), but I could imagine anybody who was interested in buttons could loose the run of themselves in such a fablous shop. Love the cardigan, brings back some great childhood memories, can't remember who used to knit them for us, but do remember they were always white, we must have been the poor relations because we had no buttons, Lucky little boy, he'll be snug as a bug in a rug. Regards

slaintecork said...

Peggy, just stopped into the button factory and they said they do not have Saturday hours and if they ever do decide to open on Saturdays, they'll put a big sign up in the window. She was quite sweet about it and probably thought that Americans are all about weekend shopping, but wanted to share that bit since it would be horrible for anyone to drive into town for buttons on a Saturday if they are closed.

Also, glad you like my blog. :)