Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pearls of Wisdom

I was out one evening recently and admired a necklace a lady had on,she told me it was a genuine Pearl necklace and she had bought it online for a fraction of the price charged in town.I am not 'into' buying online apart from Ebay and Amazon. I was at a bit of a loose end today and thought of it while on the computer so I went window shopping!
I did a search for pearl necklace and of course all sorts came up but I did find this site and was impressed first of all by the Prices!!The prices are in American dollars but with the exchange rate at the moment they are fantastic value.Bracelets are priced from $24.99 to $74.99 and necklaces from $45.00 earrings $39.00 and there is FREE shipping.
They are Japanese fresh and saltwater pearls 100% genuine,hand knotted and fully appraised.Pearls have a bit of an old fashioned press but I was amazed at the colours, from traditional white to black
Silver grey look nice too, oh decisions! They have a choice of gold or silver clasps and a range of bracelets and earrings too.
I went into the small print also, orders are dispatched within 7-10 days and an email will be sent to notify you. They have a one year guarantee which is good for a buyer living a couple of thousand miles away.
When browsing online shops I find they have a huge range of things just to get people to stay on the site and hopefully something will catch your eye and you will buy.The pearlnecklace center specialises only in Pearl jewellery and have a nice range of each item in the different colours.
I am always loath to upload my credit card details online and only use paypal and this site has the magic paypal button so I would regard that as safe online shopping.Lots of readers must shop online and if anyone else finds genuine bargains I would love to hear of them.
I am off now to do some more window shopping or treat myself to a Pearl necklace but then I have to decide on a colour....decisions....decisions!!
Visit the site at


Becca's Dirt said...

The ones you have shown are beautiful. I purchase things online through Amazon, flower distributors and JCPenny. It always pays to be safe shopping on the internet - there are so many scams.

Peggy said...

Thanks Becca, I may become an online shopper I never realised there was so much out there but everyone has some scare stories!

gittan said...

Hi Peggy, thanks for leaving a comment at my blog so I was abel to find yours. I'never been to Ireland but I surtanly would like to go there. Me and my husband hope that we'll be abel to that next year. But we have to see about that. No promises made therer yeat. Very beautiful necklaces and I understand that it's hard to decide. I had to scroll down and wow, you've really had a lot of rain! The frost we had only last for the day. The very next morning it was all gone, thanks for that =) I'm not to fond of the winterseason myself. I hope you'll have a wonderful weekend / gittan

Jo said...

Peggy; what beautiful necklaces. I look forward to readin about your choice and the arrival of your purchase

kathleen said...

from prongs to pearls, whats going on!

bennie and patsy said...

I came over from Latane's blog Life in Wakefield. So glad I did ,great info on the pearls.
Your sisters take on Major Clebourre was of great interest to me. I am from Arkansas and had great+ grandfathers in the war.Some came from Ireland

Ann said...

These pearls are beautiful, I always thought they would be too expensive but these are affordable, I love the colour of the first ones you show. I bought the boxed set of all the Poirot DVDs last week, something like two thirds of the price off, from Amazon.