Thursday, August 20, 2009

Carrots and courgettes

These are the carrots which Kathryn grew from seed in peat pots.They are supposed to be suitable for rough ground, they do not grow with a tapered root just fill out fat and round.We did leave them in their peat pots and the carrots seem to have grown around them into the most weird shapes!
Love is...carrot companions!
A great pair of legs and an egg timer!They tasted sweet and tasty regardless of their shape. I think kids would love to eat these funny shapes rather than the boring EU graded varieties.

Margaret's Stuffed marrow recipe.
Kathryn passed two of our jumbo courgettes on to Margaret,a lady who lives in West Cork.Margaret used to live in the UK and finds it impossible to buy marrows since she came here.
Stuffing:Sausage meat,chopped onion,TBS Tomato puree,knob of butter,pepper
Mix all together in a bowl and leave to one side.
Marrow:Peel skin in stripes,cut in half,scoop out centre of marrow to make a hollow,fill hollow with sausage meat and place other half of marrow on top,wrap in tinfoil and place in dish
Cook for approx one hour in a moderate oven 175c/350f or gas mark 4
Sauce:saute finely chopped onion in a little oil until golden brown,reduce heat,add 2 tbs of flour,stir to make a paste adding a drop of water,1/4 tube of tomato paste,stir to mix.
Dissolve a chicken stock cube according to instructions,slowly add to sauce stirring all the time.Bring to boil and reduce heat to simmer until sauce thickens.
Side Dish:Peel and dice potatoes,par boil and then place in pan with some oil,when almost golden brown add chopped bacon or bacon lardons,chopped onion and fry until everything is cooked through.
Looks and tastes delicious!


sharonl said...

Those carrots look great! we had kind of hoped we would get some funny looking roots, but so far they are all growing perfectly straight and 'EU'-like. Not a bad complaint to have I suppose.

mangocheeks said...

Those carrots look lovely and as you said they tasted good, so looks are not everything

talesfromagarden said...

now i can see why the EU wanted a uniform shape to everything to stop peoples imaginations running riot!!!!

keewee said...

You are right, in that children would probably love to eat these different shaped carrots.

Jo said...

Hi Peggy, wow, I love corgettes and love the idea of a corgette cake. And your twisted carrots look as if they could be tasty. thanks for commenting on my blog. I am settled in Khartoum and will be a regular blogger and commentor once more. (((Hugs))) from Jo - formally South Africa, now of North Africa.